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Anzentia Igene Perry Chapman

Short Name: Anzentia Igene Perry Chapman
Full Name: Chapman, Anzentia Igene Perry, 1849-1889
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1889

Anzentia Igene (Angie) Perry Chapman, 1849-1889. Born near Lansing, MI, Angie was the wife of Free Methodist minister, Edwin W. Chapman. They had three children. She helped on his evangelism tours and rural preaching circuits. They worked in Sparta, MI, and helped found the first Free Methodist church in Grand Rapids, MI. She also wrote hymn lyrics. In 1888 they followed an evangelistic tour of Kansas, and them moved to Isabella County, MI. She died in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

John Perry

Texts by Anzentia Igene Perry Chapman (232)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A beacon bright the Christian standsE. W. Chapman (Author)English5
A joyful song we'll sing todayAzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)English2
A little talk with Jesus, it fillsE. W. Chapman (Author)3
All hail, the blessed morningE. W. Chapman (Author)2
All hail, the children's dayE. W. Chapman (Author)2
All the way home the SaviorMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Amigos con placer nos vemosAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)Spanish2
Are you on the road to CanaanE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Around the tree we meet againE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Around us fall the autumn leavesAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Assist us, gracious SpiritAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Awake my heart in tuneful strainsMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Beyond the azure starlit skyE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Blessed Redeemer, show us thy lovingE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Bright flowers we bringAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Brightest flowers and liliesMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Can you do without the SaviorE. W. Chapman (Author)5
Cares of earth shall no more wearyAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)3
Cast thy bread upon the waters Sow the seeds of holy truthAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Chime on, sweet bells of EasterAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Chiming bells are tuneful ringingAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)4
Christ is coming, surely comingE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Christmas bells are sweetly ringing (Chapman)E. W. Chapman (Author)3
City of Zion! wondrous and fairMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
Cling when the storm-cloud gathersE. W. Chapman (Author)5
Clinging, clinging, to my SaviorAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Close beside the throne of graceMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)3
Closer to thee, my Father, draw meE. W. Chapman (Author)English44
Come boldly to the throne of grace, Whatever thy want may beMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
Come, O come, Thou blessed SpiritAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)English3
Come to the rock of agesE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Come to the Savior, O hear his sweet voice, Come and accept of his offers ofloveAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Coming in the straight narrow gateE. W. Chapman (Author)4
Could promise be more sweet than thisMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English3
Crowds are seeking food todayAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Cuán grato es con amigos vernosAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)Spanish3
Daylight now is passingMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
Don't you know that we are comingE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Down from the home over yonderE. W. Chapman (Author)4
Earthly days are passingAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)5
Eternity, how vast an ageE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Eternity, how vast as ageE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Führe mich zur lautern QuelleE. W. Chapman (Author)German1
Farewell, we now again must partAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)English1
Forward, soldiers, fightAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Gather, O gather in the harvestE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Gently glides our barkAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Glad tidings we bring youAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Go carry comfort to the wearyAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Go out and gather the golden grainMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English6
Go work today for the Savior KingAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
God speed the day when the foe is slainAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Grace sufficient Jesus givethAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)2
Hark, the bells are sweetly ringingE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Hark, the Christmas bells are ringing, On the starry midnight calmMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
Haste ye to the fountain's brinkE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Have you done your faithful dutyMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Hearken now, dear friend, and tell meMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Ho ye weary Jesus calls youMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Homes there are of want and sorrowMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
Hosanna [hosannas] now the people singE. W. Chapman (Author)4
I am coming, quicklyMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
I am sailing over life's seaE. W. Chapman (Author)7
I am the good Shepherd stillMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
I am waiting for thee, my RedeemerAnzentian Igene Perry Chapman (Author)4
I had wandered far from homeMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
I have called thee to the fountainE. W. Chapman (Author)5
I know of a stream that flowethMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English3
I long to go home to the land of restE. W. Chapman (Author)2
I rest beneath the wing almightyMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English1
I sing of Jesus' wondrous loveMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)7
I think of yon bright mansionMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
I will arise, nor longer waitE. W. Chapman (Author)2
If the sweet peace of JesusMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
I'm dreaming of a better landE. W. Chapman (Author)2
I'm going now to JesusMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
In that glorious morning brightE. W. Chapman (Author)English10
In the early dawn of the glad new mornE. W. Chapman (Author)2
In the new JerusalemE. W. Chapman (Author)2
In the paths of sin I traveledMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
In the strength of God we'll rallyE. W. Chapman (Author)2
In times of sorrow, God is nearMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English3
Into the ear of the wearyE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Is the conflict strong within theeE. W. Chapman (Author)5
Jesus, let the holy SpiritE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Jesus, name of all names dearestMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
Jesus, only, my soul can redeemE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Jesus, since thy dear bloodE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Joybells are ringing, the Savior has risenE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Keep the colors wavingE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Let me to Thy bosom flyE. W. Chapman (Author)English3
Let the glad evangel songE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Let there be joy among angelsE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Linger with me, precious SaviorMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English5
Listen to the music of the bellsE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Little children are you gleaningMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
Little hands can work for JesusE. W. Chapman (Author)1
Lo the dawn is risingE. W. Chapman (Author)English4
Lo the temperance army's comingE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Look sinner to Jesus, the risen OneE. W. Chapman (Author)English3
Lord of grace and Lord of mercyMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Lost to a sense of dutyE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Lowly bending at the crossE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Make room for the preciousE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Many foes thy path besetE. W. Chapman (Author)English4
Marching on, with ChristE. W. Chapman (Author)4
May we always trust in JesusE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Med fröjd vi möta dyra vännerMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)Swedish3
My fragile bark [barque] on life's rough billowE. W. Chapman (Author)English5
My name on Jesus' handsMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English3
Naar vi med glæde møder vennerAnzentia Igene Perry Chapman (Author)Norwegian2
Not always, pilgrim strangerE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Now to the child in the manger bornE. W. Chapman (Author)2
O fly the doves to their windowsE. W. Chapman (Author)2
O have you found my boyE. W. Chapman (Author)3
O how sweet the words of JesusE. W. Chapman (Author)3
O shout, fellow soldiers, as onward we goMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
O shut not your heart to the gospelE. W. Chapman (Author)11
O slight not the SaviorE. W. Chapman (Author)2
O strike the loud cymbals and shout the refrainMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
O'er the hill and throughE. W. Chapman (Author)2
O pilgrims [brothers] along life's journeyMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
O wondrous love, the love of ChristMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)5
On, thy brother's blood is cryingE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Once for all the Savior His blood hath spiltMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English1
Onward, onward stand for temperanceMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)1
Onward press, though faint and wearyE. W. Chapman (Author)5
Over on the hills of gloryE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Passing through this world of sorrow, The true pleasure we may claimMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)3
Peace on earth and good willE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Peeping o'er the hilltopsE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Pilgrim, on thy journeyE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Pilgrim, on thy way awearyE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Pilgrim, weary, weak and thirstingE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Precious is the Savior's promiseMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)1
Priceless jewels for the Master's crownE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Remain with us, dear SaviorE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Ring the bells, the Lord has risenE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Ring the joybells, Christ is risenAnzentia I. Chapman (Author)English6
Roll on, bright golden waveE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Safe the glory, Jesus, take usMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
Sandal worn our weary feetE. W. Chapman (Author)2
See the light advancingMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Shall we meet our dear friendsE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Shall we reach the home in gloryMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
Shout, shout along life's journeyE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Sing the praise of Christ the LordE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Soft and low the gentle zephyrsE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Soft and low the Spirit whispersE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Soft and sweet the Spirit whispersE. W. Chapman (Author)1
Soldier of Christ are youE. W. Chapman (Author)4
Some day we shall lay our burdens downMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English6
Sow ye beside the flowing watersE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Speak, O speak to me of Jesus (Chapman)Mrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Spreading the news of salvationE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Suffer the children to come unto me, These are the words of JesusE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Sweet are the flowers in their wonderful birthE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Sweet hope, the anchor of my soulMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)7
Sweet songs the Father gives usMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Sweet the words of JesusE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Sweetly are the birds singing at Easter dawnE. W. Chapman (Author)1
Sweetly the birds are singing at Easter dawn (Chapman)E. W. Chapman (Author)English6
Take me to the precious fountainE. W. Chapman (Author)English2
The chosen few with ChristE. W. Chapman (Author)2
The crimson stream it cleanesth all the timeE. W. Chapman (Author)2
The fields appear in beautyMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)1
The hour of my departure I may not knowMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English7
The Master is come, and calleth to theeMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
The misty clouds hang round my wayE. W. Chapman (Author)2
The mountain, hill and valleyMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
The past years of my life have been sinfulE. W. Chapman (Author)3
The Savior hath called thee and shown thee his loveE. W. Chapman (Author)English6
The sky with clouds is overcastE. W. Chapman (Author)3
The storm cloud is dark and the air is snowE. W. Chapman (Author)2
The twilight is fading awayE. W. Chapman (Author)English3
The years, the years are gliding byE. W. Chapman (Author)2
There are mansions of love in the Eden aboveE. W. Chapman (Author)English3
There are songs in the windsE. W. Chapman (Author)2
There's a feast by Jesus spreadE. W. Chapman (Author)English2
There's a home in a beautiful bowerMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
There's a light that is shining todayMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English1
There's a mansion, bright and shiningE. W. Chapman (Author)2
There's a song to sing, and a note to ringE. W. Chapman (Author)2
There's beauty amazinglyE. W. Chapman (Author)2
There's light at the crossE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Thy life is hid with Christ in GodE. W. Chapman (Author)5
Tidings of joy, O send them afarE. W. Chapman (Author)2
'Tis sweet to lie in the loving armsMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)5
'Tis sweet to sit with the MasterMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
'Tis the grace of Jesus (Chapman)E. W. Chapman (Author)2
'Tis the purpose of love divineMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)3
To whom shall we go, dear Jesus?Mrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
Waiting, waiting for the MasterMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
We are coming one and all to the LambE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We are coming to the SaviorE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We are happy little soldiersE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We are marching, we are marching, list and hearE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We are moving toward the cityE. W. Chapman (Author)English1
We come at the Savior's callE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We come with joy and gladnessE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We dream of a beautiful homeE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We often meet and kindly greetE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We praise the dear Savior for blessings of loveMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
We shall cross the swelling JordanMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
We will follow our Guide (Chapman)E. W. Chapman (Author)2
We would see Jesus (Chapman)Mrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Weak and weary are you waitingMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)3
Weary soul with sin oppressedE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Weary traveler in the desertE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Weary watchers for the morningE. W. Chapman (Author)4
We'll sing the praise of Jesus who bought usE. W. Chapman (Author)3
We'll tarry at the cross of JesusE. W. Chapman (Author)2
We're a noble band of soldiersMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
We've a Friend in realms aboveMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)6
We've gathered into line todayMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
What can I do for Jesus? How serve my Savior King?Mrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English3
What can sinking hearts sustainMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
What can the Savior doE. W. Chapman (Author)2
When from guilt I would be freeE. W. Chapman (Author)2
When open swings the golden gateE. W. Chapman (Author)2
When the purple morn is breakingMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)4
When the way seems long and dreary, And thy limbs are weak and wearyMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English7
When weary with the trials of the dayMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)English1
While sailing over the sea of life (Chapman)E. W. Chapman (Author)English2
Who is ready for the battleE. W. Chapman (Author)2
Who is thy brotherE. W. Chapman (Author)4
Our friends on earth we meet with pleasureE. W. Chapman (Author)English86
Wohl mag die Sterbestunde Ich wissen nichtE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Work for Jesus, ever sowingE. W. Chapman (Author)3
Would you find a sure retreatMrs. E. W. Chapman (Author)2
Yes, there is room for JesusE. W. Chapman (Author)English4
Ziehe mich n'her, treuer VaterE. W. Chapman (Author)2
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