Fulbert of Chartres

Fulbert of Chartres
Short Name: Fulbert of Chartres
Full Name: Fulbert, Saint, Bishop of Chartres, ca 960-1028
Birth Year: 960
Death Year: 1028

Fulbert of Chartres, Saint and Bishop (St. Fulbertus Carnotensis), flourished in the 11th century, having been consecrated Bishop of Chartres (probably) in 1007, and dying on April 10th, 1028. His collected works were published at Paris in 1608, but with the exception of one hymn, "Chorus novae Hierusalem" (q.v.), are very little known. That hymn in its original Latin form was included in the Sarum Breviary, and, in one English form or another, finds a place in most of our English Hymnals as "Ye choirs of New Jerusalem." [Rev. Digby S. Wrangham, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology

Texts by Fulbert of Chartres (3)sort iconAsInstances
All glory to the Father be, The Spirit and the SonSt. Fulbert of Chartres, d. 1028 (Author)2
Sing, choirs of new JerusalemFulbert of Chartres, early 11th cent. (Author)35
Sing out, O new JerusalemFulbert of Chartres (Author)2

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