Patricia B Clark

Short Name: Patricia B Clark
Full Name: Clark, Patricia B does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Patricia B Clark (22)sort descendingAsInstances
[All You Who Love Jerusalem]Patricia B Clark (Author)2
Breath of God that ordered chaosPatricia B Clark (Author)2
Come to the banquet: the table is setPatricia B Clark (Author)3
Even when young, I prayed for wisdom's gracePatricia B. Clark (b. 1938) (Author)2
God's reign is very nearPatricia B Clark (Author)3
How may we serve you, LordPatricia B Clark (Author)3
I come, O God, to take your touchPatricia B Clark (Author)2
Let the children come to me (Clark)Patricia B Clark (Author)2
Light that passes through a prismPatricia B Clark (Author)2
Long before creation's dawningPatricia B Clark (Author)2
Mary, when you heard the warningPatricia B Clark (Author)2
O God of gentle strengthPatricia B. Clark (Author)3
Singing songs of sadnessPatricia B Clark (Author)2
Splendor, Honor, SovereigntyPatricia B Clark (Author)2
This sacred space has called usPatricia B Clark (Author)2
When Christ went to the templePatricia B Clark (Author)2
When Eden's joys would not sufficePatricia B. Clark (Author)2
When Jesus called Simon from fishing one dayPatricia B Clark (Author)2
When, to Mary, the WordPatricia B Clark (Author)2
Why are you standing, looking upPatricia B Clark (Author)2
Wisdom freed a holy peoplePatricia B. Clark (b. 1938) (Author)2
With heavy hearts they set their sights toward homePatricia B Clark (Author)2
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