Thomas Curtis Clark

Short Name: Thomas Curtis Clark
Full Name: Clark, Thomas Curtis, 1877-1953
Birth Year: 1877
Death Year: 1953

Thomas Curtis Clark (born on January 8, 1877) author of over sixty hymns, studied at University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois 1901-02 and served on the editorial staff of the Christian Century in Chicago, Illinois 1912-48. Won first prize in the 1943 Hymn Society of America nation-wide contest with his "Thou Father of Us All."

Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, England

--Five New Hymns on the City , 1954. Used by permission.

Texts by Thomas Curtis Clark (20)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
God is not far from any one of usThomas Curtis Clark (Author)4
I sought his love in sun and starsThomas Curtis Clark (Author)8
I wandered far, in deserts wildThomas Curtis Clark (Author)2
I wandered once in sin's dark nightThomas Curtis Clark (Author)English5
Long years ago in GalileeThomas Curtis Clark (Author)2
My soul was darkened in the nightThomas Curtis Clark (Author)2
O God of all our fruitful yearsThomas Curtis Clark (Author)3
O Thou, whose very word is powerThomas Curtis Clark (Author)English3
Our faith is in the Christ who walksThomas Curtis Clark (Author)10
The Savior left his home aboveThomas Curtis Clark (Author)English2
The touch of human handsThomas Curtis Clark (Author)4
There's a Friend I know is trueThomas Curtis Clark (Author)2
Thou Father of us allThomas Curtis Clark (Author)4
Thou God of nations, thee we seekThomas Curtis Clark (Author)2
Thou God who brought the nations forthThomas Curtis Clark (Author)2
Upon the cross the Savior died, He gave His precious life for meThomas Curtis Clark (Author)English5
Where restless crowds are throngingThomas C. Clark, 1877-1953 (Author)English13
Who goes there, in the nightThomas Curtis Clark (Author)3
Who will build the world anewThomas Curtis Clark (Author)5
Yours was a wondrous storyThomas Curtis Clark (Author)English2
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