Thomas Clark

Short Name: Thomas Clark
Full Name: Clark, Thomas, 1775-1859
Birth Year: 1775
Death Year: 1859

Baptized: Feb­ru­a­ry 5, 1775, Can­ter­bu­ry, Kent, Eng­land.
Died: May 30, 1859, at his home in St. George’s Street, Can­ter­bu­ry, Kent, Eng­land.

A cob­bler and choir train­er, Clark led the sing­ing of the Psalms at the Wes­ley­an Cha­pel, Can­ter­bu­ry, and lat­er at the Uni­tar­i­an Church in Can­ter­bu­ry. It has been claimed he nev­er ac­tu­al­ly joined the Un­i­tar­i­ans, though he sym­pa­thized with them, and he re­signed from the Meth­od­ists. Clark wrote a num­ber of an­thems, in­clud­ing "Awake Up, My Glo­ry", "Daugh­ter of Zi­on" and "Since I Have Placed My Trust." His other works in­clude:

First Sett of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, 1805
Second Sett of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, cir­ca 1810
Congregational Har­mon­ist, 4 vol­umes (1828 to cir­ca 1835)
The Sac­red Glean­er, 1830
The Un­ion Tune-Book, 1837 (co-ed­it­or)
Union Har­mo­nist, 1841
Harmonized the se­cond edi­tion of the Un­ion Tune Book for the Sun­day School Un­ion, 1842
The Ju­ve­nile Har­mo­nist, 1842
David’s Harp—A Ser­ies of Orig­in­al Tunes Com­posed Exp­ress­ly to the Psalt­er, 1843
The Ser­a­phim or Sac­red Har­mo­nist, 1843
British Psalm­o­dy, with Al­ex­an­der Hume (Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land: 1844)

Tunes by Thomas Clark (16)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ASYLUM (Clark)T. Clark (Composer)211554 33255 43217
BURNHAM (Clark)Thomas Clark, 1775-1859 (Composer)413516 27151 65434
CALCUTTA (51351)T. Clark (Composer)251351 43236 25123
CANTERBURY (Clark)T. Clark (Composer)215566 54351 11175
CRANBROOKThomas Clark (Composer)1715654 32151 76565
CREDITON (Clark)Thomas Clark (Composer)4851715 65435 67
ESSEX (Clark)Thomas Clark (Composer)5616532 54355 67111
GARDINER (Clark)Thomas Clark (Composer)2
GREENLAND (Clark)Thomas Clark (Composer)1
MERIDEN (33216)Thomas Clark (Composer)333216 54315 65432
PIETYThomas Clark (Composer (attributed to))111711 32171 56717
QUEENBOROUGHThomas Clark (Composer)213536 16543 21232
MANGER HYMN (Holler)T. Clark (Composer)151232 12171 56
SCOTLAND (Clarke)Thomas Clark (Composer)355655 13212 35553
TRIUMPH (Clark)Thomas Clark (Composer)153432 11235 43325
WARSAW (Clark)Thomas Clark, 1775-1859 (Composer)1915431 53456 71217
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