Frederick R. C. Clarke

Short Name: Frederick R. C. Clarke
Full Name: Clarke, Frederick R. C.
Birth Year: 1931

Wrote A William Boyce suite, 1973 and Healey Willan, c1983

Tunes by Frederick R. C. Clarke (17)sort descendingAsInstances
CAUSA DIVINAFrederick R. C. Clarke, 1931- (Composer)5
CONCRETEFrederick R. C. Clarke, 1931- (Composer)2
FIDELIS (Clarke)F. R. C. Clarke (Composer)2
KINGSTONFrederick R. C. Clarke, 1931- (Composer)1
LET US BREAK BREADF. R. C. Clarke (Harmonizer)1
[Lift up your heads, that God who rules]F. R. C. Clarke (Adapter)2
O FILII ET FILIAEF. R. C. Clarke (Arranger)2
OLD CORNISH CAROLF. R. C. Clarke (Arranger)1
ORBIS TERRARUMFrederick R.C. Clarke, 1931- (Composer)1
TWENTY-FOURTHF. R. C. Clarke (Arranger)1
RHUDDLANF. R. C. Clarke (Arranger)1
SAMSON (Handel)Frederick R. C. Clarke, 1931- (Adapter)1
SANDON (Purday)F. R. C. Clarke, 1931- (Harmonizer)1
SYDENHAM STREETFrederick R. C. Clarke, 1931- (Composer)4
[The Lord bless thee, and keep thee] (Clarke)F. R. C. Clarke (Composer)2
PERSONENT HODIEF. R. C. Clarke (Arranger)1
TRADITIONFrederick R. C. Clarke, 1931- (Composer)1
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