E. Margaret Clarkson

E. Margaret Clarkson
Short Name: E. Margaret Clarkson
Full Name: Clarkson, E. Margaret (Edith Margaret), 1915-2008
Birth Year: 1915
Death Year: 2008
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Texts by E. Margaret Clarkson (47)sort descendingAsInstances
A debt of love I owe to JesusE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)4
Amid the fears that oppress our dayMargaret Clarkson (Author)5
Burn in me, Fire of GodE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)1
By Christ redeemed, in Christ restoredMargaret Clarkson (Author (stanza 6))1
Chosen and sent by the Father before earth's creationMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
Come, thou Fount of every blessingMargaret Clarkson (Adapter)4
Come to Jesus while you may (Clarkson)E. Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
Eu vos envio a triunfar na lutaEdith Margaret Clarkson (Author)1
For all the world Christ died to purchase pardonMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
For your gift of God the SpiritMargaret Clarkson (Author)9
Gathered round Your table on this holy eveMargaret Clarkson (Author)5
Go bring in the childrenE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
God is hope and God is now!Edith Margaret Clarkson (Author)1
God of creation, all powerful, all wiseMargaret Clarkson (Author)6
God of the ages, History's MakerMargaret Clarkson (Author)7
He ever lives triumphantlyE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
How can I know my way secureE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
How great thy loving kindness isE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)3
[I Do Not Know Tomorrow's Way]Margaret Clarkson (Author)4
I set my life by God's great clockE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)5
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, That's the Name I loveEdith Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
Jesus, life of all the worldMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
Jesus, Savior, hear meE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
Let us build a house of worshipMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
Let us draw near! The blood is spiltMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
Lord, Jesus, we must know youMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
Lord of the universe, hope of the worldMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
Lord, we hear your word with gladnessMargaret Clarkson, b. 1915 (Author)6
More love to Thee, O ChristMargaret Clarkson (Author (st. 3))1
My Lord has given me a songE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
My song shall be of Jesus, His mercy crowns my daysE. Margaret Clarkson (Adapter)1
Now know we not the meaning of life's sorrwMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
O Father, you are sovereignMargaret Clarkson (Author)4
Once more the shadows lengthenMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
One is the race of mankind under sin's condemnationMargaret Clarkson (Author)2
Our cities cry to you, O GodMargaret Clarkson, b. 1915 (Author)6
Our God is mighty, worthy of all praisingMargaret Clarkson (Author)3
Praise the Lord, sing hallelujah, Children of God's gracious choiceEdith Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
Priest and victim, Jesus diesMargaret Clarkson (Author)3
Remembered, remembered no moreE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
Sing praise to the Father, Creator and KingMargaret Clarkson (Author)6
So send I you, by grace made strong to triumphMargaret Clarkson (Author)14
So send I you, to labor unrewardedE. Margaret Clarkson, 1915- (Author)24
The battle is the Lord's! The harvest fields are whiteMargaret Clarkson (Author)8
The Church of God is debtorE. Margaret Clarkson (Author)2
We come, O Christ, to youMargaret Clarkson (Author)16
We gather here to bid farewellMargaret Clarkson (Author)3
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