Norman J. Clayton

Short Name: Norman J. Clayton
Full Name: Clayton, Norman J., 1903-1992
Birth Year: 1903
Death Year (est.): 1992

Norman Clayton was born on January 22, 1903 in Brooklyn, New York, the ninth of ten children.

He was converted at the age of six in the South Brooklyn Gospel Church, where his mother had been a foundation member … and was church organist by the age of 12. He kept up the role of church organist for the rest of his life.

Clayton’s profession was in the building industry, but he also created his own publishing house, Gospel Songs, which was later absorbed into the Rodeheaver Company.

In 1942 he was working with Jack Wyrtzen’s Word of Life organization, providing music for both the radio broadcasts and crusade meetings.

That same year Clayton wrote his most popular gospel song, words and music, "Now I Belong to Jesus."

Another lovely and popular song is “Every Moment of Every Day”.

According to Kenneth Osbeck, Norman Clayton “tells how it is his usual practice to write the music first before the words,” and that “he feels it is vitally important that every song he writes be biblically based” (101 More Hymn Stories, page 204).

In order to create songs worthy of His Lord, Clayton made it his practice to memorise scripture, so his songs would have a strong Biblical basis. He also found it easiest to write songs for special occasions. Clayton’s gospel songs were eminently singable, musically sweet and tender of sentiment.

Clayton’s most popular songs reflect his evangelical emphasis, focused on the saving work of Christ and the sweetness of relationship with God through Him. The absence of deeper or more divers theological issues may have robbed Clayton of a more enduring place in Christian song-writing. By the time of his death churches were beginning their push into more upbeat music and more Charismatic themes.

Normal Clayton died in 1992, at the age of 89.

Texts by Norman J. Clayton (117)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
ربي يسوع يحبني دوماNorman J. Clayton (Author)Arabic1
耶穌我救主愛我無止息 (Yēsū wǒ jiù zhǔ ài wǒ wú zhǐxī,)Norman J. Clayton (Author)Chinese2
A savior who cared for the sinnerNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
A wonderful Savior from heaven once cameNorman J. Clayton (Author)4
Absolutely free!Norman J. Clayton (Author)English2
After the night of sorrow after the night of sorrowNorman J. Clayton (Author)English5
All through the day he watches over meNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Altogether lovely and chiefestNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
An angel brought it down from heavenNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Away in the wild one lone sheep had strayedNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Be strong in the strength of the LordNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Bowed with the weight of sin and shameNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
By His mercy and His kindnessNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
Christ is risen, Christ is risen, Tell the joyful news todayNorman J. Clayton (Author)3
Christ Jesus is my Shepherd, And knoweth all my needsNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
Come now, and let us reason togetherNorman J. Clayton (Author)English1
Come unto Christ, ye weariedNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Con sin igual amor Cristo me amaNorman J. Clayton (Author)Spanish3
Confío en JesúsNorman J. Clayton (Author)Spanish2
Cristo el Señor me ama por siempreNorman J. Clayton (Author)Spanish4
Dark is the night and cold, Fierce is the storm and boldNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Do trials often grieve your heartNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Down in the depths of the deepest seaNorman J. Clayton (Author)1
Everlasting life, everlasting homeNorman J. Clayton (Author)1
Faithful forever, Jesus, my FriendN. J. C. (Author)English3
Fear not when clouds ariseN. J. C. (Author)English2
For long I walked afar from GodNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Friends around may stop and wonderNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
From his home of splendor and gloryNorman J. Clayton (Author)3
He gives me satisfying peaceN. J. C. (Author)4
He holds my hand, Jesus holds my handN. J. C. (Author)6
He is just the One to meet my every needN. J. C. (Author)English2
He lives, the Savior livesNorman J. Clayton (Author)English3
Higher than the hillsNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
How great was the love of my SaviorN. J. C. (Author)English2
How wonderful the mighty loveN. J. C. (Author)1
How wondrous the story of infinite loveNorman J. Clayton (Author)English3
Hungry, lonesome, worried, distressedNorman J. Clayton (Author)4
I am persuaded, that neither death nor life nor angels (Clayton)N. J. C. (Author)English2
I am the resurrection and the life, He that believeth in Me tho' he were dead (Clayton)Norman J. Clayton (Author)English2
I do not know how One so high and gloriousNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
I have found in the Redeemer all my heartNorman J. Clayton (Author)3
I must tell others the storyNorman J. Clayton (Author)1
I visioned the cross of my Savior and LordNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
I want to be out and out for JesusNorman J. Clayton (Author)1
I was bound but the Savior freedNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
If we could see beyond today, As God can seeNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
In deepest misery, by God forsakenNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
In the beautiful vale of contentmentNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
In the morning, in the eveningNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Is there someone who can meet my needNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
It is time to seek salvationNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
It is wonderful to know that Jesus thought of you and meNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
It was His love for me, That nailed Him to the treeNorman J. Clayton (Author)English6
Jesus alone can take my sadnessN. J. C. (Author)English2
Jesus alone could bring salvationNorman J. Clayton (Author)6
Jesus is the fairest nameNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Jesus left the glory of the heavensNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
Jesus' love grows dearer day by dayNorman J. Clayton (Author)1
Jesus, my Lord, will love me foreverNorman J Clayton (Author)English52
Jesus, my Savior, has promised to lead meNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, is able to guideNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Jesus saves and keeps and satisfies my soul each hour and dayN. J. C. (Author)English3
Jesus was wounded and bruised on the treeNorman J. Clayton (Author)4
Just because He loved meNorman Clayton (Author)3
Let me hear it told againNorman J. Clayton (Author)3
Living forever! Mighty Creator!N. J. C. (Author)English2
Long, long agoN. J. C. (Author)English2
Long years ago in Bethlehem (Clayton)N. J. C. (Author)English3
Lord, take my life and make it wholly thineNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
My hope is in the Lord, Who gave Himself for meNorman J. Clayton (Author)English25
My life was full of sorrowNorman J. Clayton (Author)6
My Redeemer will walk with meNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
My sins were a burden so heavy to bearNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
No word can express what my heart has foundNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
O Jesus, my Savior, how wonderful thou artNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
O Lord most high, thou holy God and SaviorNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
O soul, are you troubled with doubting and fearNorman J. Clayton (Author)1
O what a wonderful day that will beNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
O ye who are troubled and burdened by sinNorman J. Clayton (Author)4
Once my heart was troubled with its sinNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Only to be what He wants me to beN. J. C. (Author)English12
Our blessed Lord was smitten on the crossNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Outside the heart's door he is standingNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Praise to him, the Lord most highNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Sad were the days and wearyNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Sin once marked the path I trodNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Some day every shadow will be goneNorman J. Clayton (Author)English5
Some sweet day, by His graceNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
Someone around you is drearyNorman J. Clayton (Author)3
The blood of the Savior has buried my pastNorman J. Clayton (Author)3
The Lord is my companionNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
The path of the pilgrim is often times steepNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
The Word of the Lord is more precious by farNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
There is a Guide, close byNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
There is a Savior you really should knowNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
There is therefore now no condemnationNorman J. Clayton (Author)5
There's a blessed place where the trusting heartNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
There's a land where sorrow never will be knonwNorman J. Clayton (Author)English3
There's a place somewhere in heavenNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
There's a story wonderful, trueN. J. C. (Author)English4
There's a wonderful name, 'tis JesusNorman J. Clayton (Author)7
To follow where my Savior leadsNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
'Twas the dark, lonely hour of midnightNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
我願作合乎祂心意的人 (Wǒ yuàn zuò héhū tā xīnyì de rén)Norman J. Clayton (Author)Chinese2
Walking in the light, as Jesus leads the wayNorman J. Clayton (Author)English2
We are partners with the Son of GodNorman J. Clayton (Author)English3
We long to see thy holy powerNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
We shall see Him in the morningNorman J. Clayton (Author)Engish2
We shall see his lovely faceN. J. C. (Author)18
When I am weary from toil and careNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
When I walked afar from God my soul was sore distressedNorman J. Clayton (Author)3
When Jesus comes again 'twill be my going homeNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
When the road is roughNorman J. Clayton (Author)3
Where'er I walk the Savior walks beside meNorman J. Clayton (Author)2
Why longer wai?, the Lord is at thy sideNorman J. Clayton (Author)English3
Wonderful friend divine, Jesus, my allNorman J. Clayton (Author)2

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