David Clydesdale

Short Name: David Clydesdale
Full Name: Clydesdale, David T., 1954-
Birth Year: 1954
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Tunes by David Clydesdale (5)sort descendingAsInstances
AURELIADavid T. Clydesdale (Arranger (last stanza setting and choral ending))1
HOLY IS HEDavid T. Clydesdale (Composer)4
NATIONAL HYMNDavid T. Clydesdale (Arranger (last st. and choral ending))1
NICAEA (Dykes)David T. Clydesdale (Arranger (last stanza and choral ending))1
OLD HUNDREDTHDavid T. Clydesdale (Arranger (last st. and choral ending))2
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