Margaret Cockburn-Campbell

Short Name: Margaret Cockburn-Campbell
Full Name: Cockburn-Campbell, Margaret, 1808-1841
Birth Year: 1808
Death Year: 1841

Campbell, Margaret, Lady Cockburn, née Malcolm, eldest daughter of Sir John Malcolm, G.C.B., married, June 20, 1827, to Sir Alexander Thomas Cockburn-Campbell, Bart, (one of the founders of the Plymouth Brethren in England), and died at Alphington, near Exeter, Feb. 6, 1811. Her hymns were printed in lithograph from her manuscript for private circulation. In the Plymouth Brethren Psalms & Hymns, Lond., Walther, 1842, some of these hymns were given, and thus came into common use. The best known is, "Praise ye Jehovah, praise the Lord most holy."

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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