Warner R. Cole

Short Name: Warner R. Cole
Full Name: Cole, Warner R.
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Texts by Warner R. Cole (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A prisoner in the house of sinWarner R. Cole (Author)English3
Años yo busqué el gozoW. R. C. (Author)Spanish2
Higher than the heights in heavenWarner R. Cole (Author)2
I have found a Companion so precious and trueW. R. C. (Author)English3
I read of a city beyond human sightWarner R. Cole (Author)English3
I was lost in sin, long an exile from my homeW. R. C. (Author)English4
I'm on my way home, My heavenly homeWarner Cole (Author)English4
In the distant ages of the long agoWarner R. Cole (Author)2
Long I sought for peace and comfortW. R. Cole (Author)English5
Morning will dawn for me some dayWarner R. Cole (Author)English3
Practice the presence of Jesus, your KingWarner R. Cole (Author)English2
Some day when the darkness of time has all passedW. R. Cole (Author)English2
Sweet is the promise that's givenW. R. C. (Author)English2
There is One all unseen I cherishWarner R. Cole (Author)English2
There's a call today from the battle's frayWarner R. Cole (Author)English3
We shall meet in that land far awayWarner R. Cole (Author)2
When by sin and shame your hopes of life are shatteredWarner R. Cole (Author)English4
When the passing years are overWarner R. Cole (Author)English3
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