Lonnie B. Combs

Short Name: Lonnie B. Combs
Full Name: Combs, Lonnie B.
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Are the joy bells ringing in your soul todayLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
As I journey on this pilgrim wayLonnie B. Combs (Author)4
As I march along I will singLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
Come on, children, let's get readyLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
Earthly promises are made, then aside are often laidLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
Here I have troubles and heartaches on every handL. B. C. (Author)2
Here we have our heartacheLonnie B. Combs (Author)1
Here we have our heartache, pain and careL. B. C. (Author)3
I am bound for heaven eternalLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
I am going over yonder to the land that's bright and fairL. B. C. (Author)English2
I am happy every hour of the dayLonnie B. Combs (Author)English2
I am just a poor weary pilgrimLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
I am on my way to the land of day (Combs)Lonnie B. Combs (Author)2
I am trudging on toward that landLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
I can feel love waves nowLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
I have a wonderful Friend indeed Standing beside me in the time of needLonnie B. Combs (Author)English2
If ever in the historyLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
If the Lord put music in your heartLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
If you have started out to walk in the lightL. B. C. (Author)5
I'm a pilgrim in this land, Moving at the Lord's commandL. B. C. (Author)English2
I'm a pilgrim in this land, Heading for that happy strandLonnie B. Combs (Author)3
I'm glad that Jesus came from glory, giving to earth redemption's storyLonnie B. Combs (Author)3
I'm only a pilgrim down here, I'm seeking a country somewhereL. B. C. (Author)English2
I'm only on a visit here, soon I'll leaveLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
I'm so glad the loving Savior came to die for you and meL. B. C. (Author)English2
I'm traveling in a world of sinL. B. C. (Author)4
I'm walking today the glory land wayLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
In God's word I've read about heavenLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
In this land there's pain and sorrowL. B. C. (Author)3
I've heard about a wonderful city where dear friends and loved ones awaitL. B. C. (Author)English2
I've started on a journeyLonnie B. Combs (Author)English2
I've started out to heaven singing a songLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
Live for Jesus here below, to the world His goodness showLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
Many precious souls are lost in sinLonnie B. Combs (Author)3
Many times I feel so lone and sad when I think of friends that I once hadLonnie B. Combs (Author)3
Mother, the silver is tinting yourLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
O I love my blessed redeemerLonnie B. Combs (Author)English2
O Lord, I'm gettin' ready, O LordLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
O this old time world's rockingLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
On some glad wonderful morningL. B. C. (Author)English3
On some wonderful happy morningLonnie B. Combs (Author)English2
On that great resurrection, when I hear the trumpet soundL. B. C. (Author)English2
Once I wandered from God and rightLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
Once I was just a sinner, I'd drifted from the shoreLonnie B. Combs (Author)4
Once I was just a wayward sinnerLonnie B. Combs (Author)English2
Praises voicing come rejoicingLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
Precious memories, unseen angelsLonnie B. Combs (Author)English4
Since I met the Christ of Calvary, there's a happy feeling g over meL. B. C. (Author)2
So long I traveled in this sinful landL. B. C. (Author)3
So often I dream of my heavenly homeLonnie B. Combs (Author)English3
Soon I shall hear the welcome bells ringL. B. C. (Author)English2
Soon I'll hear the welcome bellsLonnie B. Combs (Author)3
Soon the Lord is coming from that home in gloryLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
The Lord shall come some day I knowLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
The pathway of sin so long I had trodLonnie B. Combs (Author)3
There'll be no dark shadows in heavenL. B. C. (Author)3
Traveling here, having no fearLonnie B. Combs (Author)3
We are told of heaven and the beauties rareLonnie B. Combs (Author)4
We cannot understand why sorrow (Combs)Lonnie B. Combs (Author)3
We so often meet to sing God's praiseL. B. C. (Author)2
We've read and heard the story in the blessed old BookLonnie B. Combs (Author)4
What a day that will be whenLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
When you are burdened with a heavy load, when troubles overtake you on life's roadLonnie B. Combs (Author)3
When you meet someone who's burdened with careLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
While on the cross of CalvaryL. B. C. (Author)2
Who can give us joy supernalLonnie B. Combs (Author)2
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