George Cooper

Short Name: George Cooper
Full Name: Cooper, George, 1840-1927
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1927

George Cooper, poet, was born in the city of New York, May 14, 1840 son of John and Hepzibah Cooper, He was educated in the public schools of his native city, and afterwards studied law under the late Chester A. Arthur. After practicing for a short time, he renounced his profession to devote himself to the vocation to which his natural gifts inclined him. In his early years, he had developed a taste for writing, and before his sixteenth year had begun to contribute acceptable verses to several leading magazines. Encouraged by the success that met his early productions, he wrote constantly, and became a regular contributor to such periodicals as “The Independent,” “Harpers’ Young People,” and “Harper’s Magazine,” “Atlantic Monthly,” “Putman’s Monthly,” “Our Young Folks,” and “Appleton’s Journal.” Writing constantly for more than a decade, Mr. Cooper has frequently enriched the periodical literature of America by verses of much felicity, and has attracted a wide circle, among his poems are always welcomed with pleasure. His happiest verse has been written for children, and in it lies his chief claim to remembrance. A number of his children’s poems have been published in the collection known as “School and Home Melodies;” and he also issued a volume of hymns consisting exclusively of his own writing and entitled, “The Chaplet.” Among his best-known songs are: “Beautiful Isle of the Sea,” “Must We Then Meet as Strangers,” “Sweet Genevieve,” “While the days Are Going By,” and “God Bless the Little Church Around the Corner.” He has written song words for such composers as Wallace, Abt, Thomas, Millard, and Foster. Of His Other poems, “After,” and “Hereafter” are general favorites; the “Ballad of the Storming of Stony Point” was awarded a prize, and “Learning to Walk” was honored by a commendation from the late William Cullen Bryant. Mr. Cooper was married, in 1877, to Mary E., Daughter of William Tyson, and has since resided at Jersey Heights, where he still employs his leisure in writing.


Texts by George Cooper (103)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
正當時日悄然而過 (Zhèngdàngshí rì qiǎorán érguò)George Cooper (Author)Chinese2
A song, a song for water brightGeorge Cooper (Author)10
All for Jesus, loving SaviorGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Angels call me, mother dearGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Another year, another year, has swiftly rolled awayGeorge Cooper (Author)2
As the hart panteth after the brooksGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Baby is going to bye-lo-landGeorge Cooper (Author)4
Blessed are the peacemakersGeorge Cooper (Author)English2
Blessed are they that for His sakeGeorge Cooper (Author)English2
Brood not o'er the sinful pastGeorge Cooper (Author)English3
Can you reject the Savior dearGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Christmas bells are gaily ringing, Singing, ringing on the airGeorge Cooper (Author)English2
Cling fast unto the rockGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Clinging, clinging, to the crossGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Come to the loving Savior, comeGeorge Cooper (Author)4
Das Verlorne sollst du rettenGeorge Cooper (Author)German2
Faith in Jesus, O, the precious treasureGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Fierce is our foe and marshalled in mightGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Fight the good fight bravelyGeorge Cooper (Author)5
Fly to the ark, sinner forsakenGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Gather, children, gather, Sing with voices gayGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Gird the Christian's armor onGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Give, 'tis the Savior's preceptGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Gone beyond the darksome riverGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, sing, O singGeorge Cooper (Author)3
His love aboundeth still for theeGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Ho toilers in God's vineyardGeorge Cooper (Author)3
How can I deny thee, my SaviorGeorge Cooper (Author)2
How could you meet your saviorGeorge Cooper (Author)1
How sweet, how dear the hallowed spellGeorge Cooper (Author)2
I am but a tiny cricketGeorge Cooper (Author)2
I am waiting till my Lord shall comeGeorge Cooper (Author)2
I come to thee believingGeorge Cooper (Author)2
I will arise and go to HimGeorge Cooper (Author)3
I will be a little helperGeorge Cooper (Author)3
If Christ's precepts I've slightedGeorge Cooper (Author)2
In the furrows of thy life, scatter seedGeorge Cooper (Author)11
In the ship of faith, we are sailing onGeorge Cooper (Author)2
In the sight of God, I'm a sinnerGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Jesus waits for you ever moreGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Just on the threshold, O why not come inGeorge Cooper (Author)English3
Lead us, O Savior, leadGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Let the hills and vales resound, every heart with rapture boundGeorge Cooper (Author)English2
Light is beaming just beyondGeorge Cooper (Author)2
List our merry carolGeorge Cooper (Author)1
Lo he's knocking at every heartGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Long foretold by prophets holyGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Long had I wandered Lord from theeGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Loud roared the tempestGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Manches Herz will fast ermüdenGeorge Cooper (Author)German5
Merry Christmas, merry ChristmasGeorge Cooper (Author)1
More like Jesus every dayGeorge Cooper (Author)3
No more in sorrow he will wanderGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Now is the precious hourGeorge Cooper (Author)2
O child of many prayersGeorge Cooper (Author)2
O come to Him, ye hearts opprest [oppressed]George Cooper (Author)2
O sing me a song of the land far awayGeorge Cooper (Author)3
O the days roll on, and we near the hourGeorge Cooper (Author)4
O what delight, when earth is endedGeorge Cooper (Author)2
O will my soul be readyGeorge Cooper (Author)2
O I often sit and wonder [ponder]Rev. W. G. C. (Author)English1
One by one, we're passing overGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Only Christ can save your soulGeorge Cooper (Author)5
Only through Christ our pardon is sealedGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Promise sweet of JesusGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Raise aloft the temperance banner, Conquer we or dieGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Refuge in my pain and fearGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Safe from oceanGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Safe in thy arms, O savior dear and blestGeo. Cooper (Author)4
See, 'tis the lifeboatGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Serving him in gladnessGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Sing of Jesus, blest RedeemerGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Sing of the home of the goodGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Sing the dear old storyGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Something each day—a smileGeorge Cooper (Author)English2
Star of the east, O Bethlehem starGeorge Cooper, 1840-1905 (Author)4
Still faith, O Savior, grant to meGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Tell it to Jesus, thy sorrowGeorge Cooper (Author)3
The bells are merrily ringingGeorge Cooper (Author)1
The sighing and the longingGeorge Cooper (Author)3
There are lonely hearts to cherishGeorge Cooper (Author)English120
There's a grand and mighty armyGeo. Cooper (Author)1
There's a heaven for youGeorge Cooper (Author)4
There's a kingdom afar that my Lord has preparedGeorge Cooper (Author)2
There's a rest from pain and sorrowGeorge Cooper (Author)3
There's a ship whose captain never failsGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Thou who on the cross didst suffer all for meGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Though your sins are manifoldGeorge Cooper (Author)3
To do Thy holy will, to bear Thy crossGeorge Cooper (Author)English20
Undying love, O sweet the thoughtGeo. Cooper (Author)5
Wanderers come to the foldGeorge Cooper (Author)3
We are marching home, that home so brightGeorge Cooper (Author)2
We are marching to the riverGeorge Cooper (Author)4
Weary wanderers from the foldGeorge Cooper (Author)3
What though thy heart with grief is bowedGeorge Cooper (Author)3
What though trials and sorrows my pathway has knownGeorge Cooper (Author)2
When the storm of earth is endedGeorge Cooper (Author)3
When thou art weary so weary of sin and of strifeGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Who is thy brother, the outcast and poorGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Why do you tarry, pilgrimGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Withhold the angry wordGeorge Cooper (Author)3
Working for Jesus O toil ever dearGeorge Cooper (Author)2
Yonder's the land where the loved ones areGeorge Cooper (Author)English8

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