W. G. Cooper

Short Name: W. G. Cooper
Full Name: Cooper, W. G. (William Gustin), 1861-
Birth Year: 1861
Death Year: 1938

Born: Ju­ly 15, 1861, Ev­ans­ville, Wis­con­sin.
Died: [October 17, 1938, Canton, Maine]

Cooper was liv­ing in Fond du Lac, Wis­con­sin (1870); Bu­chan­an, Mi­chi­gan (1880); and Hor­ton­ville Villa­ge, Wis­con­sin (1900). He past­ored at the Hor­ton­ville Com­mun­i­ty Bap­tist Church from Sep­tember 1, 1897 to Ap­ril 1, 1901. By by 1920, he seems to have been a Bap­tist min­is­ter in Ver­mont. His works in­clude:

Sacred Songs (Can­ton, Maine: The Pine­wood Press, 1936)

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