W. G. Cooper

Short Name: W. G. Cooper
Full Name: Cooper, W. G. (William Gustin), 1861-
Birth Year: 1861
Death Year: 1938

Rv William Gustin Cooper USA 1861-1938. Born in Evansville, WI, he married Mabel Luella Cooper. He became a Baptist minister having pastorates in Hortonville Village, WI, 1897 – 1901, and later in Ira, VT, in 1922. He also conducted camp meetings. He wrote a number of hymn lyrics and a few tunes. He died in Canton, ME.

Note: In a campmeeting service in 1889, when the service was over, a lyricist, Warren Cornell, sat writing a poem. As he left the site, he dropped the paper he was writing and didn't notice it. An hour or or so later, Rev. Cooper came in to tidy up the tent area for the next service, saw the paper, picked it up and read it, and was so inspired by the words, that he finished writing the text and went to the organ and composed the tune for the hymn, “Wonderful peace”.

John Perry

Texts by W. G. Cooper (98)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A marvelous gospel, and one you needW. G. Cooper (Author)5
A sinner doomed to die, to ruin drawing nighW. G. Cooper (Author)English5
A stranger and a foreignerW. G. Cooper (Author)3
Again we come with birds and flowersRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Around thee, blessed SaviorRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)English2
As you travel o'er life's pathwayW. G. Cooper (Author)3
Blessed Jesus, make me holyW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
Blessed thought, how sweet to ponderRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Can a boy forget his mother (Cooper)W. G. Cooper (Author)English4
Come to me, come to me, Hear the Savior pleadingW. G. Cooper (Author)English5
Dear Lord, I give myself to thee, Forever Thine to beW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
Dear Lord, increase my faith, I prayW. G. C. (Arranger)English4
Earth has its many cloudsRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Examine thyself, dear sinnerW. G. Cooper (Author)3
Go gather them in from the byways of sinW. H. Cooper (Author)English3
Go work with your might, Lo! the harvest is waitingW. G. Cooper (Author)English3
Have you not heard of a happy homeW. G. Cooper (Author)5
Have you not heard of that beautiful homeW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
I am weary, Lord, and the day seems longRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
I have been to Jesus for rest todayW. G. Cooper (Author)4
I know not why there's death and sighsRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
I shall reach the landW. G. Cooper (Author)English6
I was an outcast once a sinner lostRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)3
If all those things we value mostW. G. Cooper (Author)3
If of those unpictured gloriesW. G. Cooper (Author)2
I'm glad that my Savior from heaven came downRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
In looking back ovr the years gone byW. G. Cooper (Author)English6
In Scotland stood a humble homeW. G. Cooper (Author)English3
In the conflict now being waged with sinRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
In the evanescent beauty of the early morningW. G. Cooper (Author)2
In the way of truth and lightW. G. Cooper (Author)English3
I've a message true and grandW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
I've the blest assurance in my heart todayW. G. C. (Author)English2
Jesus has saved me, how wondrous the thoughtW. G. Cooper (Author)English3
Jesus, Lord, may my conceptionRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Jesus, my soul delights to adore theeRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)English2
Jesus stands at mercy's gateRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Keep close to Jesus, while your journey hereW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
Let us bury our sadness and banish our tearsRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Life has its sorrows, it has its tearsW. G. Cooper (Author)3
Lo, my name is written in the Lamb's book of lifeW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
Lo, the midnight hour swiftly hastens onW. G. Cooper (Author)English3
Lord, to my wayward heartRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
My life is filled with blessingsW. G. Cooper (Author)3
Nearer, loving Savior, Draw me to Thy breast (Cooper)Rev. W. G. Cooper (Author)English2
No righteous works which I have doneRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Now as evening shadows hoverRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
O, cling to the Bible, the book God has givenW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
O how precious is the wordW. G. Cooper (Author)English2
O how sweet it will be to be thereW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
O I love the gospel songW. G. Cooper (Author)English3
O I often sit and ponder, when the sun is sinking lowW. G. Cooper (Author)English3
O I often sit and wonder as the years are rolling byW. G. Cooper (Author)English2
O listen, do you hear?W. G. Cooper (Author)English3
O my Savior hear me, Fears encompass meW. G. Cooper (Author)English2
O the soul is like a garden overgrownRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)3
O wonderful, wonderful story, The sweetest that ever was toldW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
O'erwhelmed with amazement at Jesus I gazeW. G. Cooper (Author)2
Oft hard to bear the toil and struggle hereW. G. C. (Author)3
On a night all dark and lonelyRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
On the world he redeemed, lo, the Savior looksRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
One step at a time Life's mountain we climbRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Our life is like an upward gradeW. G. Cooper (Author)6
Rushing down the mountainW. G. Cooper (Author)3
Sinner, art thou weary, of a life of sin?W. G. Cooper (Author)English2
Sinner, Christ to you is sayingW. G. Cooper (Author)English2
Sinner, come, O comeRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Some day to earth I'll bid adieuRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
Sunlight now is gleaming, on the sparkling dewsRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)5
Sunned with cloudless hopes of gloryW. G. Cooper (Author)2
Surrender to Jesus, just nowW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
Surrender to Jesus todayW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
Tenderly care for the childrenRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
The Lord Jehovah reigns, And over His vast domainW. G. Cooper (Author)English2
The Savior died on Calvary, And shed His precious blood for meW. G. Cooper (Author)English2
The soul is a wonderful templeW. G. Cooper (Author)5
The soul unforgiven, all sad and wanW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
There are many who struggle and toilW. G. Cooper (Author)2
There is a home whose grandeur has to mortals never been toldW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
There was a time I know, when in the book of heavenW. G. Cooper (Alterer)English1
Thou, God of majesty and powerRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
'Tis a wondrous contemplationRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)3
Trustworthy and true, and will you ever doW. G. Cooper (Author)English2
'Twas wondrous grace that saved my soulW. G. Cooper (Author)3
Wafted down the ages, lo, there comes a joyous strainW. G. Cooper (Author)2
We need not wait until we passRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)3
We need not wait until we pass up through the pearlyRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)3
What will you do with Jesus, Who gave for you His all?W. G. Cooper (Author)English4
What wondrous fields of beautyW. G. Cooper (Author)2
When in the far distant ages gone byW. G. Cooper (Author)2
When Jesus first saved meRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
When shall close the earth's long ages, Christ shall come to claim His ownW. G. Cooper (Author)English6
When the gorgeous tints of morningW. G. Cooper (Author)5
When we meet beyond the river (Cooper)Rev. W. G. Cooper (Author)2
When you strive to do a deedRev. W. G. Cooper (Author)3
While sitting by my lonely firesideW. G. Cooper (Author)English4
Whiter than the snow, dear Jesus, make meW. G. Cooper (Author)English9
Would you reach some useful plainW. G. Cooper (Author)4
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