Maria De Fleury

Short Name: Maria De Fleury
Full Name: De Fleury, Maria, active 1773-1791
Death Year (est.): 1794

De Fleury, Maria (died circa 1794), was an intimate friend of Dr. John Ryland (1753-1815), and resided at one time at 31 Jewin Street, Cripplegate, London. She entered very earnestly into the religious controversies of her day, and wrote several works thereon, including Unrighteous Abuses Detected and Chastised, &c, 1781, Antinomianism Unmasked, &c, 1791, and others. Several of her hymns were published in the Protestant Magazine, 1781-3: 5 in Joseph Middleton's Hymns, 1793; and 2 in Dr. Collyer's Collection, 1812. Her Divine Poems, and Essays on Various Subjects, is dated 1791. From this are taken, (1) "Thou soft flowing Kedron, by thy silver stream" (Sufferings and Glory of Christ), from which hymn the cento "O garden of Olivet, dear honour'd spot" is derived; and (2) "Ye angels who [that] stand round the throne," (Heaven Desired). These hymns have passed into modern use through Collyer's Collection, 1812. The cento "Come, saints, and adore Him, come bow at His feet" (Praise to Christ), in Bickersteth's Christian Psalmody, 1833: Spurgeon's Our Own Hymn Book, &c, is composed of (st. i.) the chorus of her hymn, "Thou soft flowing Kedron, by thy silver stream," as above in her Divine Poems, 1791, and (st. ii.) a stanza from an unknown source.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

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