Otis Deaton

Short Name: Otis Deaton
Full Name: Deaton, Otis
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Texts by Otis Deaton (16)sort descendingAsInstances
Are you giving to the world a smileOtis Deaton (Author)10
He's the Lily of the valleyO. D. (Arranger)1
I am trusting in the Savior, He is with me each dayOtis Deaton (Author)2
If Christ had not loved us so dearlyOtis Deaton (Author)2
I'm sailing on the troubled seaOtis Deaton (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, blessed Redeemer, Keep on walkingOtis Deaton (Author)2
Jesus walks the way before meOtis Deaton (Author)2
Keep smiling as you travel alongOtis Deaton (Author)2
Lo the grape is ripe and readyOtis Deaton (Author)4
Lord, let me walk with theeOtis Deaton (Author)2
There will come a day of daysOtis Deaton (Author)2
We thank thee, Lord, for life and loveOtis Deaton (Author)2
We'll keep telling the storyOtis Deaton (Author)2
What a happy time 'twill be (Deaton)Otis Deaton (Author)2
When paths grow dim and lights are lowOtis Deaton (Author)2
While going through life and its troubles and strifeOtis Deaton (Author)4
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