Thomas Dennis

Short Name: Thomas Dennis
Full Name: Dennis, Thomas

Dennis was an as­sist­ant pas­tor in Has­le­mere, Sur­rey, Eng­land. He ed­it­ed a new edi­tion of the Psalms in po­ems in 1908, which was print­ed by J. White, Hor­ace Head, Fleet Street.

Texts by Thomas Dennis (13)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
أسمعت قصة الصلبThomas Dennis (Author)Arabic1
Farewell, mother, I am lonelyThomas Dennis (Author)1
God leads his own dear childrenThomas Dennis (Author)2
Have you read the story of the CrossT. D. (Author)English53
Hiding in the Rock of my salvationThomas Dennis (Author)2
I love to tell the story, How Christ, the King of gloryT. Dennis (Author)English2
My Jesus he loved me, I cannot tell whyT. Dennis (Author)English2
你曾否念過十架故事 (Nǐ céng fǒu niànguò shí jià gùshì)Thomas Dennis (Author)Chinese2
Once in darkness I did roamThomas Dennis (Author)2
Once out in sin and shame I wanderedThomas Dennis (Author)2
There'll be a time when I shall leaveThomas Dennis (Author)2
We read about a day, the dayThomas Dennis (Author)2
When destruction's waters ceasedThomas Dennis (Author)3
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