Cleavant Derricks

Cleavant Derricks
Short Name: Cleavant Derricks
Full Name: Derricks, Cleavant, 1910-1977
Birth Year: 1910
Death Year: 1977 does not have biographical information about this person.

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All along on the road to the soul's blessed refugeCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
Father, Thy servant is calling Thee nowCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
Glory to God my soul is forever freeC. D. (Author)English2
I am on my way, Traveling night and dayC. D. (Author)English3
I am trusting every day on this lonesome pilgrim wayCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
I am trusting in my blessed Savior who is all the world to meCleavant Derricks (Author)3
I have a grand new feelingCleavant Derricks (Author)2
I have a mother gone beforeCleavant Derricks (Author)2
I have escaped the burning sandCleavant Derricks (Author)English3
I know my robe is gonna so wellC. D. (Author)English3
I need Jesus to guide me every dayCleavant Derricks (Author)2
I once was blind, but now I see, angels in heavenCleavant Derricks (Author)2
I once was lost in sin But Jesus took me inCleavant Derricks (Author)English34
I want to be a blessing as I journey on the pathway in this dreary world belowC. D. (Author)English2
I was once lost in sin, In the darkness of nightC. D. (Author)English2
I wonder what will happen in gloryC. D. (Author)English2
I'm a soldier, let me rideC. D. (Author)English3
I'm so glad I've found a hiding placeCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
I've heard the sacred story of Christ of CalvaryC. D. (Author)English3
Jesus brought salvation to my soulCleavant Derricks (Author)2
Jesus Christ, the friend of sinnersCleavant Derricks (Author)2
Jesus is with me as I travel ona my journeyCleavant Derricks (Author)2
Jesus spoke to me one dayCleavant Derricks (Author)2
Jesus took my burden awayCleavant Derricks (Author)2
Jesus washed my sins away one glorious morningCleavant Derricks (Author)English6
Just as the sun went down one dayCleavant Derricks (Author)2
List to the shepherd's voice in the wildernessC. D. (Author)English2
My Savior came to die in my steadCleavant Derricks (Author)2
O the crown that my Jesus gives meCleavant Derricks (Author)2
O when my cross is heavyCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
People talk about the good religionCleavant Derricks (Author)2
Praise him, praise him, whom angel hosts adoreCleavant Derricks (Author)2
Remember me, when I'm lonely and the world has cast me downC. D. (Author)English2
Since my trusting soul has been redeemed fromCleavant Derricks (Author)2
Some of these days I'm going home where no sorrows ever comeCleavant Derricks (Author)English16
Sometimes I get weary all along my pilgrim wayCleavant Derricks (Author)English3
Sometimes I get weary on my pilgrim wayCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
Sometimes my road is long and drearC. D. (Author)English2
Soon one morning death come creeping in the roomC. D. (Author)English1
The Lamb was slain, let us adoreCleavant Derricks (Author)English3
The wonderful love of the Savior is mineCleavant Derricks (Author)English3
There are many things that are denied us in this dayC. D. (Author)English4
There is a happy land of promise just across Jordan's rolling tideC. D. (Author)English2
There is a joy in my heart today taking all of my griefs awayCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
There is one who was given as a ransomCleavant Derricks (Author)2
There's a bright and happy placeCleavant Derricks (Author)2
There's a day, 'twill soon be dawningC. D. (Author)English2
There's a great and lovely city across the swelling tideC. D. (Author)English3
There's a great camp meeting up in gloryCleavant Derricks (Author)2
There's a happy, happy thought that comes to meCleavant Derricks (Author)2
There's a lighthouse upon highCleavant Derricks (Author)2
There's a mansion up in glory waiting now for meCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
They tell me of a beautiful city just across the wayCleavant Derricks (Author)English1
They tell me there's a long white robe for all the saved and blestCleavant Derricks (Author)English5
This world is filled with both sunshine and rainCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
We are soldiers bravely marchingCleavant Derricks (Author)2
We shall have a good time in heaven by and byCleavant Derricks (Author)English2
Well I know I've got salvationCleavant Derricks (Author)2
When God dips His pen of love in my heartCleavant Derricks (Author)English23
When Jesus whispered pardon to my soulCleavant Derricks (Author)2
While we are prayingCleavant Derricks (Author)2

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