Daniel J. Donahoe

Short Name: Daniel J. Donahoe
Full Name: Donahoe, Daniel J.
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Texts by Daniel J. Donahoe (15)sort descendingAsInstances
Cease thy weeping, MagdalenaDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)2
Cease your weeping, friends of JesusDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)2
Flower of white virginityDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)2
Glorious virgin, thee we singDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)1
Hail holy Queen, Mother of mercy sweetD. J. Donahoe (Translator)1
How blind thou art, o mortal mindDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)2
Loving Jesus, sweet and tenderDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)1
Mary mild, undefiled, help of all the lowlyDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)2
My angel and defender, in love I callDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)2
O come with loving footstepsDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)1
O heart of Jesus, holy arkDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)3
O heart of Jesus, living fountDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)2
O the woe, the tears, the sighingDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)2
O thou, the Son of God most highDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)1
Sing out, O new JerusalemDaniel J. Donahoe (Author)1
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