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Karl August Döring

Short Name: Karl August Döring
Full Name: Döring, Karl August
Birth Year: 1783
Death Year: 1844

Döring, Carl August, son of B. L. Döring, chief forester at Mark-Alvensleben, near Magdeburg, was born at Mark-Alvensleben, Jan. 22, 1783. After completing his studies at the University of Halle, he was for some time private tutor at Waldenburg, in Silesia. In 1808 he was appointed a master in the school at Kloster-Bergen, near Magdeburg; and after its dissolution by Napoleon in 1810, acted for some time as a private tutor at Helmsdorf, near Eisleben. He was, in 1814, appointed afternoon preacher at St. Peter's Church, Magdeburg; in 1815 Archidiaconus of St. Andrew's Church at Eisleben; and in 1816 Pastor of the Lutheran Church at Elberfeld. He died at Elberfeld, Jan 17, 1844 (Koch, vii. 159-168; Allg. Deutsche Biog. , v. 348-349).

One of the most prolific of German hymnwriters, he produced some 1200 hymns, not a few of which have passed into use in Germany through the Berlin Gesang-Buchem, 1829, the Nassau Gesang-Buch, 1844, and other collections. They appeared mostly in his Christliches Hausgesangbuch. Of this pt. i was published at Elberfeld, 1821, with 515 hymns by himself, and 169 by others; the 2nd edition, Elberfeld, 1825, omitting those by other authors, and increasing his own to 630. Part ii was published at Elberfeld, 1830, with 551 hymns. Three have been translated:—

i. Ich weiss, dass mein Erlöser lebt, Er ward ja schon mein Leben! [Easter.] 1821, as above, No. 100, in 6 stansas, translated as “I know that my Redeemer lives; He is my life already," by N. L. Frothingham, 1870, p. 157.

ii. Vater, Sohn and heil'ger Geist. [Confirmation.] 1821, as above (No. 546), as a hymn for Confirmation. It is in 15 stanzas of various metres, st. i.-iii. being marked as to be sung by the congregation on behalf of the children; stanzas viii.-xiii. as a hymn of supplication by the children; stanzas iv.-vii. by the parents and teachers; and stanzas xiv.-xv., by the congregation as a general supplication. Two parts are in German common use, viz. stanzas i.-iii. as Rin Bunsen's Versuch, 1833, No. 614, beginning, "Segne, Vater, Sohn und Geist," as in Döring's edition 1825, No. 502; and stanzas viii.-xiii., beginning, "Wir flehn um deine Gnade," in Bunsen, No. 615, the Hamburg Gesang-Buch, 1842, No. 276, and many recent collections. The only translation in common use is—

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Bless the Young. A good translation of stanzas i.-iii. by J. S. Stallybrass, in the Tonic Sol-fa Reporter, January, 1859, and thence, as No. 329, in the Scottish Presbyterian Hymnal, 1876.

iii. Taufe mich mit deiner Taufe, [Whitsuntide.] 1821, as above, No. 135, in 4 stanzas. It is translated as "With other baptism, Lord, baptise," by Dr. G. Walker, 1860, p. 66.

[Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Karl August Döring (26)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Das Wort von Jesu Kreuze, hat Lebenskraft und ReizeK. A. Doering (Author)German1
Dein Nam' erfüllt mit höchster LustCarl August Döring (Author)German4
Die Sanftmut siegt, ja sie gewinnt das LandCarl August Döring (Author)German4
Dir jauchzet froh die ChristenheitC. A. Döring (Author)German7
Du siegend Haupt, dort in der HerrlichkeitKarl August Döring, 1783-1844 (Author)German2
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Bless the young before TheeKarl A. Döring (Author)English13
Gott, du führest unsre StundenKarl August Doering (Author)German4
Herr, alles, was ich habeKarl August Doering (Author)German2
Herr und Heiland, Fürst und KönigKarl August Döring (Author)German2
Ich bin nicht mehr mein eigenKarl August Doering (Author)German6
Ich folge Dir, Prophet, der nie mich trügtKarl August Döring (Author)German2
Ich weiß, dass mein Erlöser lebt, Er ist schon hier mein LebenK. A. Döring (Author)German2
Ihm, dem Dulder, der sein LebenK. A. Döring, P., 1783-1844 (Author)German2
Ihm huldiget des HimmelsheerKarl August Doering (Author)German2
Komm, heiliger Geist, erfülle meinen SinnCarl August Doering (Author)German5
Kreuzeskönig, deine SchmerzenK. A. Doering (Author)German1
Lover den Herre, hvis reddende Kjærlighed senderKarl August Döring (Author)Norwegian3
Mein siegend HauptCarl August Doering (Author)German4
Mein Trost in Zweifelsnächten istK. A. Döring (Author)German5
Nacht umhüllte rings die ErdeKarl August Doering (Author)German6
Segne, Vater, Sohn und Geist, uns und diese KinderKarl August Doering (Author)German4
Uns die Gebundenen zu befreinKarl August Döring (Author)German2
Welch himmlisch Licht ist's, das der WeltC. A Doering (Author)German1
Wenn alle von mir scheidenKarl August Döring (Author)German4
Wir flehn um deine GnadeC. A. Döring, 1783- (Author)German8
Zum Kreuze will hinauf ich schau'nK. A. Doering (Author)German1

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