Bob Dufford

Short Name: Bob Dufford
Full Name: Dufford, Bob, 1943-
Birth Year: 1943 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Bob Dufford (8)sort descendingAsInstances
A voice cries out in the wildernessBob Dufford, SJ (Author)2
Break into song at the deeds of the LordBob Dufford, SJ b. 1943 (Author)5
I will give thanks to you, my LordBob Dufford, b. 1943 (Author)5
[Love One Another] (Dufford)Bob Dufford (Author)2
May songs of the angels welcome youBob Dufford, SJ (Author)2
Say to the cities of JudahBob Dufford, SJ, b. 1943 (Author)6
Sound the trumpet into the nightBob Dufford, SJ (Author)2
You shall cross the barren desertRobert J. Dufford (Author)14
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