Guy S. Duncan

Short Name: Guy S. Duncan
Full Name: Duncan, Guy S. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Guy S. Duncan (15)sort descendingAsInstances
I am so happy in Jesus today (Duncan)Guy S. Duncan (Author)2
I have found true joy in the Lord, there is peace in trusting His wordG. S. D. (Author)2
I want to serve my Savior as on my way I goG. S. D. (Author)3
If you're in the service of the Lord and KingGuy S. Duncan (Author)2
In the days of my happy childhoodG. S. D. (Author)2
Just for today, show me the roadGuy S. Duncan (Author)3
My Lord has been so good to me (Duncan)Guy S. Duncan (Author)2
My mother's alone, and her life's not the sameGuy S. Duncan (Author)2
Shield me, O LordGuy S. Duncan (Author)2
The Savior died upon the cross in the long agoGuy S. Duncan (Author)2
There's a mansion in the skyGuy S. Duncan (Author)2
There's a wonderful home in glory, I'm longing there to goG. S. D. (Author)2
'Twas on a dreary night, my soul was troubled soreGuy S. Duncan (Author)5
When my Lord comes back againGuy S. Duncan (Author)3
Why should I be so lonelyGuy S. Duncan (Author)2
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