Norah Duncan

Short Name: Norah Duncan
Full Name: Duncan, Norah does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Norah Duncan (52)sort descendingAsInstances
[Agnus Dei, qui tolis peccáta mundi] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)4
ALLELUIA (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)9
[Alleluia / Praise to you / I am the light]Norah Duncan IV (Composer (tunes 1&2))1
[Alleluia, alleluia] (Duncan / Batastini)Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
[Fivefold Amen] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)4
[Amen, amen, amen] (Roberts)Norah Duncan IV (Adapter)2
[Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine]Norah Duncan IV (Adapter)1
[Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord] (Duncan)Norah Duncan (Composer)2
[Blessed be the Lord, blessed be the Lord] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
BOOTSNorah Duncan IV (Composer)2
DICKSONNorah Duncan IV, b. 1952 (Composer)3
DUKTANorah Duncan IV, b. 1952 (Composer)3
[Glory to God in the highest] (Holy Name of Jesus)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)5
[Have mercy on us, O Lord] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)5
[He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High]Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain 1))2
[Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)4
[Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[I called, the God of justice gave me answer]Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
[In the morning I will sing] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
[In you, O LORD, I take refuge] (Rochard)Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
[Kyrie, eleison]Norah Duncan IV (Composer)3
[Kýrie, eléison] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)6
[Lamb of God, you take away]Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)4
LHOTANorah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[My prayer shall rise like incense]Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))3
[My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[O come, bless the LORD]Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
[O glory to you, O Word of God] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)3
[O LORD and God of my salvation] (Baker)Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
[O LORD, listen to my prayer]Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
[Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD] (Harbor)Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain 2))2
[Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge]Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
RULANDNorah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[Speak, Lord / Prepare the way / I proclaim to you / One does not live / Christ, our paschal lamb / Come, Holy Spirit]Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[Speak, Lord, your servant is listening] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[The Lord has revealed to the nations] (Duncan)Norah Duncan (Composer)3
[The Lord is kind and merciful] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer (Antiphon))3
[The LORD is my light and my salvation] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[The Lord speaks of peace] (Duncan)Norah Duncan (Composer)2
[The mystery of faith]Norah Duncan IV (Composer)4
[There is one God and Father of all] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[This is our faith]Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[Turn your ear, O LORD, and answer me]Norah Duncan IV (Composer (refrain))2
[We come to you, Lord Jesus]Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[We praise you, we bless you] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)4
[We praise you, we bless you] (Duncan)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[We proclaim your Death, O Lord] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)8
[We proclaim your Death, O Lord] (Roberts)Norah Duncan IV (Adapter)2
[When we eat this Bread and drink this Cup] (Unity Mass)Norah Duncan IV (Composer)4
[You have put on Christ]Norah Duncan IV (Composer)2
[Your ways, O Lord, are love and truth] (Duncan)Norah Duncan (Composer)2
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