Rusty Edwards

Short Name: Rusty Edwards
Full Name: Edwards, Rusty, 1955-
Birth Year: 1955 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Rusty Edwards (19)sort descendingAsInstances
A living sacrificeRusty Edwards (Author)2
All the sleepy should have a place to sleepRusty Edwards (Author)3
[As the Moon Is to the Sun]Rusty Edwards (Author)2
Blessed are the poor in spiritRusty Edwards (Author)2
Bread of life, our host and mealRusty Edwards, 1955- (Author)3
By grace we have been saved through faithRusty Edwards (Author (stanzas))4
Come, little children, to the silent mangerRusty Edwards (Author)2
[For God So Loved the World (Edwards)]Rusty Edwards (Author)2
[He Is Lord]Rutsy Edwards (Author)2
[How Blest]Rusty Edwards (Author)2
[I Hear Creation Groaning]Rusty Edwards (Author)2
In Jesus' Name, we pause to prayRusty Edwards, 1955- (Author)1
[Nothing in this World]Rusty Edwards (Author)2
[Once When Jesus Christ Was Hungry]Rusty Edwards (Author)3
Praise the One who breaks the darknessRusty Edwards, 1955- (Author)14
[Rejoice in Christ Jesus]Rusty Edwards (Author)2
We all are one in missionRusty Edwards, b. 1955 (Author)13
Whether I cry out your nameRusty Edwards (Author)2
Worship God for saints before usRusty Edwards (Author)2
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