J. A. Elliot

Short Name: J. A. Elliot
Full Name: Elliott, Julia Anne, 1809-1841
Birth Year: 1809
Death Year: 1841

Elliott, Julia Anne, née Marshall, daughter of Mr. John Marshall, of Hallsteads, Ullswater, was married to the Rev. H. V. Elliott (q.v.), in 1833, and died Nov. 3, 1841. Her hymns were contributed to her husband's Psalms & Hymns, 1835, anonymously, but in the Index to the "3rd thousand," 1839, her initials were added. These hymns are eleven in all, and concerning them, Miller has justly said (S. & Songs, p. 482), they

"show a most refined poetical taste, and a special faculty for appreciating and expressing, appropriately, phases of thought and feeling that are beautiful, and that might have escaped common observation."

Of these hymns the best known are, "Hail, thou bright and sacred morn," “On the dewy breath of even,” and "We love Thee, Lord, yet not alone”(q.v.). The rest are:—

1. Father, if that gracious name. Intercession.
2. Great Creator, who this day. Sunday.
3. I would believe; but my weak heart. Len.
4. My God, and can I linger still. Lent.
5. O not when o'er the trembling soul. Lent.
6. O Thou, who didst this rite reveal. Holy Communion.
7. Soon, too soon, the sweet repose. Sunday Evening.
8. Welcome to me the darkest night. Resignation.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by J. A. Elliot (13)sort descendingAsInstances
Father, who the light this dayJ. A. Elliot, d. 1941 (Author)14
Great Creator, who this dayMrs. Julia Anne Elliott, -1841 (Author)12
Gud, som lyset denne dagJulia Anne Elliott (Author)1
Hail, thou bright and sacred mornJulia Anne Elliott (Author)31
O thou who didst this rite revealMrs. Venn Elliott (Author)2
On the dewy breath of evenJulia Ann Elliott (Author)2
Sad and weary were our wayJulia Anne Elliott (Author)4
Savior, who this day didst breakJulia A. Elliot (Author)1
This is the day, this is the day the Lord hath madeJulia Anne Elliott (Author)3
We love Thee, Lord, because when weJulia Anne Elliott (Author)9
We love Thee, Lord, yet not aloneJulia Anne Elliott, d. 1841 (Author)3
Welcome to me the darkest nightJulia Anne Elliott (Author)6
Welcome tome the darkest nightJulia Anne Elliott (Author)2
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