A. B. Emmons

Short Name: A. B. Emmons
Full Name: Emmons, A. B.

Late 19th Century

We have little data on Emmons, except that he was a minister.


Texts by A. B. Emmons (21)sort descendingAsInstances
A sweet, blessed storyRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
Are they talking of closingRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
Are you waiting? Why will youRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
Dark clouds come o'er meRev. A. B. E. (Author)3
Hear, O hear the blessed storyA. B. Emmons (Author)3
I am glad that I've heard about JesusRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)3
I cannot see, I only trustRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
I've wandered, yes wandered afarRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)3
Of all the thoughts that cheer my soulRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
O the Savior is calling todayRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)3
O why should we wander from GodRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
On the journey of life we are goingA. B. Emmons (Author)4
Suffer the children to come unto me, Were precious wordsRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)4
Sweet Bible songs are bestRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
The children are coming, an army great and strongA. B. E. (Author)2
'Tis a sweet, blessed storyRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)3
'Tis God's own hand that leadeth meRev. A. B. E. (Author)7
We meet to hail the ChristmasRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
We meet, we meet with joyRev. A. B. E. (Author)1
With joy tonight again we meetRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)3
You are fighting a battleRev. A. B. Emmons (Author)2
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