Juan A. Espinosa

Juan A. Espinosa
Short Name: Juan A. Espinosa
Full Name: Espinosa, Juan Antonio, 1940-
Birth Year: 1940

Born: 1940, Badajoz, Spain.

Internationally recognized as one of the leading composers of Spanish liturgical music, Juan Antonio Espinosa composes songs that emphasize hope for the oppressed, social justice, and the power of faith. Currently, he directs the Association for the Promotion of Religious Music (APROMUR) in Spain and serves as a liturgical musician at San Estanislao Parish in Madrid.

After living for a time in Peru, Juan published music reflecting the Andes style and Latin American social realities. Hispanic assemblies in the U.S. are familiar with Juan's uplifting music through his songs in the OCP collections Pescador de Hombres and Resucitó, and in Cánticos, Segunda Edición, Misal Del Día, Unidos En Cristo Música and Flor y Canto, Segunda Edición.

His first collection for OCP was Al Señor del Nuevo Siglo.


Texts by Juan A. Espinosa (10)sort descendingAsInstances
El me guía por sendas de justiciaJuan Antonio Espinosa (Author)3
En nombre de Dios PadreJuan A. Espinosa (Author)3
Feliz la gente (How blest the people)Juan A. Espinosa (Author)2
God is my rock and salvationJuan A. Espinosa (Author)2
La luz de un nuevo día (The dawn of each new morning)Juan A. Espinosa, n. 1940 (Author)2
Los pobres siempre esperan el amanecer (The poor ones of the world await the dawn of hope)Juan A. Espinosa, b. 1940 (Author)3
Mientras recorres la vida (Traveling on life's daily journey)Juan A. Espinosa, n. 1940 (Author)3
Para esta tierra sin luz, nace el Señor Juan Antonio Espinosa (Author)3
Pueblos nuevos, creadores de la historia (God's new people, we boldy forge our hist'ry)Juan A. Espinosa, n. 1940 (Author)2
You still call us to walk in paths of justice (Té me guías por sendas de justicia)Juan A. Espinosa (Author)4
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