A. Ewing

Short Name: A. Ewing
Full Name: Ewing, A. (Alexander), 1830-1895
Birth Year: 1830
Death Year: 1895

Alexander C (Rex) Ewing United Kingdom 1830-1895. Born at Aberdeen,Scotland, he studied music and German at Heidelberg University and law in Aberdeen. However, he did not qualify as a lawyer. A member of the Aberdeen Harmonic Choir and the Hadyn Society of Aberdeen, he was regarded as the most talented young musician in the city. He became an author, musician, editor, composer, and translator. He married Juliana Horatia Gatty in 1867. She died in 1885, and he remarried Elizabeth Margaret Cumby in 1886. He was a career officer in the British Army's Commissariat Department and subsequently the Army Pay Corps. He served at Constantinople during the Crimean War, thereafter in China for six years, then in Ireland during the Fenian Uprising. He was then in New Brunswick just after England created the British North American Act, creating the Dominion of Canada. He then went to Fredericton, where he played the organ and sang at Christ Church Cathedral. He was transferred to Aldershot. In 1879 he went to Malta, then served in Ceylon before returning to England. He reached the rank of Lt. Col. He translated several works by other authors. He retired and spent the last six years of his life in Taunton, England, where he died.

John Perry

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EWINGAlexander Ewing (Composer)48912143 21351 75665
URBS BEATA (LeJeune)Alexander Ewing (Composer)151123 15566 26216
WOOLWICH (Ewing)A. Ewing (Composer)213517 65543 43212

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