Marianne Farningham

Marianne Farningham
Short Name: Marianne Farningham
Full Name: Farningham, Marianne, 1834-1909
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1909

Pseudonym, real name Marianne Hearn.


Hearn, Marianne, known to the public only by her nom deplume of Marianne Farningham, was born at Farningham, in Kent, Dec. 17, 1834. She resided for short periods at Bristol and Gravesend, and since 1865 at Northampton. Miss Farningham is a member of the Baptist denomination. Her literary work has been done chiefly in connection with the Christian World newspaper, on the staff of which she has been from its first publication. She is also editor of the Sunday School Times. Most of her contributions to the Christian World have been republished in book form, and include:—
(1) Lays and Lyrics of the Blessed Life, 1861. (2) Poems, 1865. (3) Morning and Evening Hymns for the Week, 1870. (4) Songs of Sunshine, 1878.
From these works the following hymns have passed into common use:—
1. Father Who givest us now the New Year. Old and New Year. From her Songs of Sunshine, 1878.
2. Hail the children's festal day. Sunday School Anniversaries. Appeared in the Sunday School Times, 1875.
3. Let the children come, Christ said. Christ's invitation of children. In G. Barrett's Book of Praise for Children, 1881. It was written in 1877.
4. When mysterious whispers are floating about. Death anticipated. Appeared in the Christian World, in the Autumn of 1864; and again in her work, Poems, 1865. In I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos, it is entitled "Waiting and Watching for me" (the refrain of each stanza), and is altered to "When my final farewell lo the world I have said." This is the most popular of Miss Hearn's hymns. [Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology


Hearn, Marianne [Farningham], pp. 502, ii.; 1587, ii. Miss Hearn published in 1903 Harvest Gleanings and Gathered Fragments. Other hymns by her in common use include:—
1. Anywhere with Jesus. [Follow Christ] In her Lays and Lyrics, 1860, p. 163.
2. Christ, we children sing to Thee. [Praise to Jesus.] Written for C. Bonners Garland of New Sunday School Music, 1881 (1886, No. 2).
3. He smiled as He stretched out Hit hand in glad welcome. [God's Call.] In the Baptist Junior Hymnal, 1906, No. 175.
4. Just as I am, Thine own to be. [Follow Christ.] Contributed to the Voice of Praise, 1887, No. 348. Suggested by Miss Elliott's better-known hymn.
5. Little feet are passing. [The Way to Heaven.] In her Poems, 1866, p. 271.
6. Sing, for the world rejoiceth. [Spring.] Contributed to the Voice of Praise, 1887, No. 470.
We may note that "Father! abide with us," p. 365, ii., is by her, from Lays and Lyrics, 1860, p. 143. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Marianne Farningham (26)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Anywhere with Jesus says the Christian heartMarianne Farningham (Author)English2
Father most merciful! Glad in the dawningMarianne Farningham (Author)1
Glad was the mornM. Farningham (Author)2
Hail the children's festal dayMarianne Farningham (Author)English3
He smiled as He stretched out His arms in glad welcomeMarianne Farningham (Author)English1
Ho reapers of Life's harvest, Why stand with rusted bladeM. Farningham (Author)English1
In the glad morning of my dayMarianne Farningham (Author)1
Just as I am, Thine own to beMarianne Farningham (Author)English133
Just as I am, young, strong and freeMarianne Farningham (Author)English4
Let the children come, Christ saidMarianne Farningham (Author)English8
My Father's house has many roomsMarianne Farningham (Author)2
Naar mit sidate Farvel jeg til Verden har sagtMarianne Farningham (Author)2
Rejoice in the Lord! there is light in the dwellingMarianne Farningham (Author)English1
Sing, for the world rejoicesMarianne Farningham (Author)English4
Tal como soy anhelo serMarianne Farningham (Author)Spanish1
The day is God's blessingMarianne Farningham (Author)English3
The earth awakes with startsM. Farningham (Author)2
They lived and they were useful, this we knowMarianne Farningham (Author)English2
Though the tempest rages, and the day is pastMarianne Farningham (Author)English5
Thy will is to bring the summerMarianne Farningham (Author)English2
Überall mit Jesu, spricht der Christ allhierMarianne Farningham (Author)German1
Überall mit Jesus, kann ich sicher seinMarianne Farningham (Author)German1
We hope in Thee, O God! The day wears on to nightMarianne Farningham (Author)English4
We thank thee, Lord, for all the joyMarianne Farningham (Author)2
When my final farewell to the world I have saidMarianne Farningham (Author)English8
When mysterious whispers are floating aboutMarianne Farningham (Author)1

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