William C. Filby

Short Name: William C. Filby
Full Name: Filby, William Charles Filby, 1833-1913
Birth Year: 1833
Death Year: 1913

Baptized: St. Paul, January 16, 1833, Hammersmith, Middlesex, England.
Died: June 22, 1913, Richmond, Surrey, England.

Son of William and Lucy Filby, William studied in France, and played the organ at St. Peter’s Church, Hammersmith (1849); Bromley Parish Church, Kent (1853); the London churches of St. Peter, Walworth; St. Matthew, Bayswater; and St. Luke, Westbourne Park; Holy Trinity, Margate, Kent; Holy Trinity, Stepney, London; and St. Paul, West Greenwich, London (1884). He also served as organist at the International Exhibitions of 1882 and of 1885, wrote and lectured on church music, opera and music education, and composed organ voluntaries, operettas, songs, part songs and choruses.


Tunes by William C. Filby (8)sort descendingAsInstances
EPIPHANY (Filby)William C. Filby (Composer)6
FORTITUDE (Filby)William C. Filby (Composer)9
HAMMERSMITH (FILBY)William Charles Filby (Composer)2
WESTERHAMW. C. Filby (Composer)2
ONWARD (Filby)William C. Filby, 1836- (Composer)2
ST. CHRYSOSTOM (Filby)William C. Filby (1836- ) (Composer)4
ST. SILAS (Filby)W.C. Filby (Composer)3
SUNDRIDGEWilliam C. Filby (Composer)2
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