Fillmore, A. D.

Short Name: Fillmore, A. D.
Full Name: Fillmore, A. D. (Augustus D.), 1823-1869
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1869

Fillmore, Augustus Damon. (Gallia County, Ohio, September 7, 1823--June 10, 1870, Cincinnati, Ohio). Minister, Christian Church. Co-editor (with Silas White Leonard, 1814-1870) or Christian Psalmist (1847), which "probably had a more general circulation than any other of his publications." Author of "Come, come, come to the Saviour" and composer of several hymn tunes.

--George Brandon, DNAH Archives

Texts by Fillmore, A. D. (19)sort descendingAsInstances
As down the stream of timeA. D. Fillmore (Author)4
Blessed hope, with her anchorA. D. Fillmore (Author)4
Charity ever begins at homeA. D. Fillmore (Author)2
Come and be a ChristianA. D. Fillmore (Author)4
Come, children, come to the Sunday schoolA. D. Fillmore (Author)3
Come come alongA. D. Fillmore (Author)2
Come, come, come to the SaviorA. D. Fillmore (Author)8
Come, come to the Savior, rich mercy receiveA. D. Fillmore (Author)5
Do you love JesusA. D. Fillmore (Author)1
Hark, the trumpet is callingA. D. Fillmore (Author)3
I will ever cling to JesusA. D. Fillmore (Author)5
O how I love the Sunday schoolA. D. F. (Author)2
On the banks of the River of Life, Far beyond earthly sorrow and gloomA. D. F. (Author)3
Patience is an angel spiritA. D. Fillmore (Author)4
Remember thy Creator In days of early youthA. D. Fillmore (Author)1
Sun that ruleth o'er the dayA. D. Fillmore (Author)2
The Bible reveals a glorious landA. D. Fillmore (Author)14
When the morn of lifeA. D. Fillmore (Author)3
When the Savior appearsA. D. Fillmore (Author)4

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