Albert C. Fisher

Short Name: Albert C. Fisher
Full Name: Fisher, Albert C. (Christopher), 1886-1946
Birth Year: 1886
Death Year: 1946

Born: March 10, 1886, New Berne, North Carolina.
Died: February 6, 1946, Dallas, Texas.
Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas.

Fisher attended Fort Worth University and Polytechnic College, Fort Worth, Texas; Vanderbilt University; Southern Methodist University; and earned his Doctor of Divinity degree at Asbury College, Kentucky. He moved to Fort Worth in 1908, and for a decade served as a general evangelist for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. In World War I, he was a military chaplain. After the war, he worked in the East Oklahoma Conference and (beginning in 1944), the North Texas Conference. His works include:

Best Revival Songs (Nashville, Tennessee: The Cokesbury Press, 1924) (music editor)

Texts by Albert C. Fisher (31)sort descendingAsInstances
As the light of day drives the night awayAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
At Calvary's cross where the cleansing tideAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
Do not murmur when the day is drear (Fisher)Albert C. Fisher (Author)2
God so loved the world in sinful pleasureAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
Have you days that are darkAlbert C. Fisher (Author)3
If the Savior from your life has banishedAlbert C. Fisher (Author)3
I'm a-gonna sing and a-shout foreverAlbert C. Fisher (Author)4
Jesus came down to this world long agoAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
Jesus wants us all to shineAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
List to the sweet and wondrous storyAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
My grace is sufficientAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
O golden day, when breaks the lightAlbert C. Fisher (Author)3
O how my soul delights to singAlbert C. Fisher (Author)5
O how precious is the memory of the songsAlbert C. Fisher (Author)3
Of the themes that men have knownAlbert C. Fisher, 1886-1946 (Author)45
Praising my Savior I go my wayAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
Sailing so lightly o'er sunlit seasAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
The fields are white for harvest nowAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
There are doubters todayAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
There are many precious wordsAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
There's a glad new song ringing in my heartAlbert C. Fisher, 1886-1946 (Author)5
Though every flower should wither and dieAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
To service Jesus calleth meAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
We are traveling day by dayAlbert C. Fisher (Author)3
What made the Lord lay aside his gloryAlbert C. Fisher (Author)3
When I left old EgyptlandAlbert C. Fisher (Author)4
When Jesus first came to my heartAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
When my burden is great and I sink neath itsAlbert C. Fisher (Author)3
When the cares of life oppress youAlbert C. Fisher (Author)7
Whether skies be dark or clearAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
Why should I worry when the foe is nearAlbert C. Fisher (Author)2
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