Leith Fisher

Short Name: Leith Fisher
Full Name: Fisher, Leith, 1941-
Birth Year: 1941
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Texts by Leith Fisher (7)sort descendingAsInstances
Christ is our light! the bright and morning starLeith Fisher (b. 1941) (Author)3
Christ, of God unseen the imageLeith Fisher (b. 1941) (Author)2
For your generous providingLeith Fisher (Author)3
Just as the tide creeps over silver sandLeith Fisher (b. 1941) (Author)2
Lord Jesus, as the shadows long are stealingLeith Fisher (b. 1941) (Author)2
Out of the flowing riverLeith Fisher (b. 1941) (Author)2
Says Jesus, 'Come and gather round'Leith Fisher (Author)3
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