Percy S. Foster

Short Name: Percy S. Foster
Full Name: Foster, Percy S.

Early 20th Century

Percy S. Foster, of Washington, was leader of the music of International Christian Endeavor conventions.

from The Congregationalist and Christian World, Volume 90, 1906

Tunes by Percy S. Foster (5)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Are your sorrows hard to bear?]Percy S. Foster (Composer)234456 53117 23457
CHRISTIAN ENDEAVORPercy S. Foster (Composer)451376 55356 54321
[Looking upward every day] (Foster)Percy S. Foster (Composer)632157 62765 243
FOSTER (P. C. Foster)Percy S. Foster (Composer)1751765 65355 44323
[True in heart and loyal we are ever]Percy S. Foster (Composer)851765 65652 56565
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