Martin H. Franzmann

Short Name: Martin H. Franzmann
Full Name: Franzmann, Martin H., 1907-1976
Birth Year: 1907
Death Year: 1976

Born: January 29, 1907, Lake City, Minnesota.
Died: March 28, 1976, Cambridge, England.

Texts by Martin H. Franzmann (12)sort descendingAsInstances
In Adam we have all been oneMartin H. Franzmann, 1907-76 (Author)9
Isaiah in a vision did of oldMartin H. Franzmann, 1907-1976 (Translator)3
O fearful place, where he who knows out heartMartin H. Franzmann, 1907- (Author)2
O God, O Lord of heaven and earthMartin H. Franzmann, 1907- (Author)7
O kingly love, that faithfullyMartin H. Franzmann, 1907- (Author)4
O thou who hast of thy pure graceMartin H. Franzmann, 1907- (Author)4
Our Paschal Lamb, that sets us freeMartin H. Franzmann, 1907-1976 (Author)5
Preach you the Word and plant it homeMartin H. Franzmann (Author)5
Rise again, ye lion heartedM. H. Franzmann, 1907-76 (Translator)4
Thy strong word did cleave the darknessM. H. Franzmann, 1907-76 (Author)16
Weary of all trumpetingMartin Franzmann, 1907-1976 (Author)12
With high delight let us uniteMartin H. Franzmann, 1907- (Translator)8

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