Harold W. Friedell

Short Name: Harold W. Friedell
Full Name: Friedell, Harold W. (Harold William), 1905-1958
Birth Year: 1905
Death Year: 1958

Harold Friedell (May 11, 1905, Jamaica, Queens, NY- February 17, 1958, Hasting-On-Hudson, NY) was an American organist, choirmaster, teacher, and composer. At an early age, he served as organist at First Methodist Episcopal Church (Jamaica, Queens) and studied organ with Clement Gale and David McK. Williams. He later served as organist at Calvary Church (New York), organist and choirmaster at Saint John’s Church (Jersey City, N.J.), organist and choirmaster at Calvary Church (New York), and finally organist and master of the choir at Saint Bartholomew’s Church (New York). Friedell also taught on the faculty of the Union Theological Seminary School of Sacred Music (New York). As a composer, Friedell composed works for organ, orchestra, and choir, as well as hymn tunes, descants, and music for solo voice.

Friedell composed the choral anthem "Draw us in the Spirit's Tether" in 1949, from which the hymn tune "Union Seminary" was taken."

Jimmy Thompson

Tunes by Harold W. Friedell (8)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BARBARA (Friedell)Harold W. Friedell, 1905-1958 (Composer)451561 21716 5453
[Day by day, dear Lord] (Friedell)Harold W. Friedell, 1905-1958 (Composer)316111 12117 11123
FINLAYHarold W. Friedell (Composer)355717 11345 45317
FLOWERS (Friedell)Harold W. Friedell, 1905-1958 (Composer)251233 32151 23531
HASTINGS-ON-HUDSONHarold W. Friedell, 1905-1958 (Composer)265533 2111
[Our Father, who art in heaven] (Friedell)Harold W. Friedell, 1905-1958 (Composer)235351 76545 3
RIDGEFIELDHarold W. Friedell, 1905-1958 (Composer)217132 11715
UNION SEMINARYHarold Friedell, 1905-1958 (Composer)2335612 16555 11432
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