Alan Gaunt

Short Name: Alan Gaunt
Full Name: Gaunt, Alan, 1935-
Birth Year: 1935 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Alan Gaunt (49)sort descendingAsInstances
[Always Rejoicing, Ceaselessly Praying]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
[Around God's Throne the Rainbow Shines]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
As powers of good so wonderfully hide usAlan Gaunt (Author)2
As royal banners are unfurledAlan Gaunt (1935-) (Translator)3
Body broken for our goodAlan Gaunt (b. 1935) (Author)2
Christ is God's never changing "Yes!"Alan Gaunt (Adapter)3
Come, living God, when least expectedAlan Gaunt (Author)6
"Come to me," says JesusAlan Gaunt, b. 1935 (Author)5
Donkey, come and bowAlan Gaunt (Author)2
[Eternal God, from Whose Eternal Love]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
Eternal God, we praise your loveAlan Gaunt, b. 1935 (Author)2
Eternal God, your love's tremendous gloryAlan Gaunt (Author)3
God with us: Creator, FatherAlan Gaunt, b. 1935 (Author)2
God's Spirit as a rising galeAlan Gaunt, 1935- (Author)1
Great God, we praise your mighty loveAlan Gaunt (Author)3
Great God, your Spirit, like the windAlan Gaunt (Author)2
Here proclaim the glorious mysteryAlan Gaunt (b. 1935) (Translator)2
[His Mother Said, "Jesus, Look"]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
Holy, holy, holy OneAlan Gaunt (b. 1935) (Author)2
Holy Trinity of LoveAlan Gaunt, b. 1935 (Author)2
How blessed are all the saints, our GodAlan Gaunt (Translator)2
[Jesus, Fasting in the Wilderness]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
Jesus, in dark GethsemaneAlan Gaunt (Author)2
Jesus, sailing on the seaAlan Gaunt (Author)2
[Jesus, Visiting the Temple]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
[Jesus Was Passing Through Jericho]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
Lay your healing hand upon usAlan Gaunt (b. 1935) (Author)2
Lord Christ, we praise your sacrificeAlan Gaunt, 1935- (Author)6
Lord, if faith is disenchantedAlan Gaunt (b. 1935) (Author)2
Love, who made me in your likenessAlan Gaunt (Translator)2
Make us your prophets, LordAlan Gaunt, b. 1935 (Author)2
[Now Rejoice in the Lord]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
People draw near to God in their distressAlan Gaunt (1935-) (Versifier)1
Praise for the mighty loveAlan Gaunt (born 1935) (Author)1
See the wild goose rising, flying to the sunAlan Gaunt (Author)2
Stay here where nails are drivenAlan Gaunt, b. 1935 (Author)2
Teach us how grave a thing it isAlan Gaunt (Author)2
The love that clothes itself in lightAlan Gaunt (Author)4
The World Is Full of Stories (Gaunt)Alan Gaunt, 1935- (Author)2
Transfigured Christ, none comprehendsAlan Gaunt (Author)3
Truly, he comes to us: darkness is endedAlan Gaunt (Translator)2
[We Do Not Know How To Pray (Gaunt)]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
We gladly celebrate and praiseAlan Gaunt, b. 1935 (Author)2
We pray for peace, But not the easy peaceAlan Gaunt, b. 1935 (Author)5
We sing your praise, eternal GodAlan Gaunt (b. 1935) (Author)2
We trust the mighty love of GodAlan Gaunt (Author)2
[We Were Not There That Glorious Day]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
[When Mary Sang Her Gladness]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
[Yes, The Woman Was a Sinner]Alan Gaunt (Author)2
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