Henry J. Gauntlett

Henry J. Gauntlett
Short Name: Henry J. Gauntlett
Full Name: Gauntlett, Henry J. (Henry John), 1805-1876
Birth Year: 1805
Death Year: 1876

Henry J. Gauntlett (b. Wellington, Shropshire, July 9, 1805; d. London, England, February 21, 1876) When he was nine years old, Henry John Gauntlett (b. Wellington, Shropshire, England, 1805; d. Kensington, London, England, 1876) became organist at his father's church in Olney, Buckinghamshire. At his father's insistence he studied law, practicing it until 1844, after which he chose to devote the rest of his life to music. He was an organist in various churches in the London area and became an important figure in the history of British pipe organs. A designer of organs for William Hill's company, Gauntlett extend­ed the organ pedal range and in 1851 took out a patent on electric action for organs. Felix Mendelssohn chose him to play the organ part at the first performance of Elijah in Birmingham, England, in 1846. Gauntlett is said to have composed some ten thousand hymn tunes, most of which have been forgotten. Also a supporter of the use of plainchant in the church, Gauntlett published the Gregorian Hymnal of Matins and Evensong (1844).

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As Joseph was awalking, he heard an angel singHenry John Gauntlett, 1805-1876 (Author)English1
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us, Over the world's tempestuous seaHenry J. Gauntlett (Author)English1
O Maker of the sea and skyHenry J. Gauntlett (Author)English1
Oft in danger, oft in woeHenry J. Gauntlett (Author)English1
Thirsting for a living springHenry J. Gauntlett (Author)English1
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