H. L. Gilmour

H. L. Gilmour
Short Name: H. L. Gilmour
Full Name: Gilmour, H. L. (Henry Lake), 1836-1920
Birth Year: 1836
Death Year: 1920

Henry Lake Gilmour United Kingdom 1836-1920. Born at Londonderry, Ireland, he emigrated to America as a teenager, thinking he wanted to learn navigation. When he reached the U.S., he arrived in Philadelphia and decided to seek his fortune in America. He started working as a painter, then served in the American Civil War, where he was captured and spent several months in Libby Prison, Richmond, VA. He married Letitia Pauline Howard in 1858. After the war he trained as a dentist and did that for many years. In 1869 he moved to Wenonah, NJ, and helped found the Methodist church there in 1885. He served as Sunday school superintendent and, for four decades, directed the choir at the Pittman Grove Camp Meeting, also working as song leader at camp meetings in Mountain Lake Park, MD, and Ridgeview Park, PA. He was an editor, author, and composer. He edited and/or published 25 gospel song books, along with John Sweney, J Lincoln Hall, John J Hood, Howard Entwistle, Joshua Gill, E L Hyde, Milton S Rees and William J Kirkpatrick. He died in Delair, NJ, after a buggy accident.

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Texts by H. L. Gilmour (83)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A stream from Calvary's summit rollsHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English8
All glory to Jesus, I'll sing a glad songH. L. G. (Author)English2
All glory to the bleeding Lamb (Gilmour)Henry L. Gilmour (Author)English2
Arm for the battle of gloryHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English3
As onward I sail over life's treacherous waveH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
Away from friends, from home, and GodHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English2
By the cross we conquer and have victoryHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English3
Centinelas del MaestroH. L. Gilmour (Author)Spanish3
Come back to me, I long to see your faceH. L. G. (Author)English3
Come, now to Jesus, He's present to blessH. L. Gilmour (Author)English2
Come, O my God, the promise sealH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
Come, sinners, to the gospel feast, Let every soul be Jesus' guestH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English26
Come to Jesus, wanderer, comeHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English4
Earth has her ties, but soon, alasH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
Einst schwankte mein Herz auf dem stürmischen MeerHenry L. Gilmour (Author)German1
Estando en miserias y mal pertinazH. L. Gilmour (Cho. by)Spanish2
For Christ and the Church, is the watchword todayHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English2
From every stormy wind that blowsH. L. G. (Author (chorus))English2
God loved poor sinners, and sent HisSon to save themH. L. Gilmour (Author)English2
God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son (Gilmour)H. L. Gilmour (Author)English6
Hark, hark! for the sound of a trumpetH. L. Gilmour (Author (refrain))English2
Have you heard the invitation to the gospel feastH. L. G. (Author (chorus))English1
Have you heard, when sad and wearyHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English3
He brought me out of the miry clay (Chorus)H. L. Gilmour (Author)English1
He leadeth me: O blessed thought!J. H. Gilmour (Author)English2
How restless the soul of the wanderer from JesusH. L. Gilmour (Author)English11
I am walking with my Savior in companionship so sweetH. L. G. (Author (chorus))English1
I drifted away from my Savior and FriendH. L. Gilmour (Author)English2
I had heard the gospel call, offering pardon free for allHenry L. Gilmour (Author (v. 4))English6
I have [I'm all] surrendered to the LordH. L. G. (Author)English10
I heard a voice in tones of loveH. L. G. (Author (chorus))English1
I know a fountain deep and wideH. L. G. (Author)English3
I praise the Lord, when full of sinH. L. G. (Author)English5
I sought for the blessing of pardonHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English4
I think oftentimes of that mansion of mineH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English2
I'm lost, I'm lost, the echo seems so sadH. L. G. (Author)English2
It's when I meet the [my] risen LordH. L. Gilmour (Author)English7
Jesus in thy tender loveHenry L. Gilmour (Author)2
Jesus stood on the shore when the morning cameHenry Lake Gilmour (Author)English14
Just as I am, without one pleaH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
Let my gaze be fixed on TheeH. L. Gilmour (Author)English16
Let us go and possess the landH. L. Gilmour (Author)English5
Long weary years in sin I wanderedHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English2
Lord, we come before Thee nowH. L. G. (Arranger)English2
Lost in sight of home, where loved onesHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English7
'Mid the toil and the battle I think of my homeH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English5
Min sj'l drefs omkring somHenry L. Gilmour (Author)2
My heart was distressed 'neath Jehovah's dread frownHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English63
My soul in sad exile was out on life's seaH. L. Gilmour (Author)English308
O shipwrecked soul, far out on sin's dark waveH. L. G. (Author)4
O sinner, come, there's pardon freeHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English2
O my heart is full of laughterH. L. G. (Author (chorus))English3
On the travel-worn road in the olden timeH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
Our Lamb is slain, the paschal LambHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English7
Rejoice in the Lord, 'tis the word of the KingH. L. G. (Author)English2
Savior, we come to Thee, weary and weakH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
Speak to me, Jesus, I'm far from thy foldHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English12
Сүнс минь уйтгарт цөлллөгт амьдралын далайд (Süns mini uitgart tsölllögt amidralyn dalaid)Henry Lake Gilmour (Author)Mongolian2
Sweet is my hiding placeH. L. G. (Author (chorus))English1
Tan triste y tan lejos de Dios me sentíHenry Gilmour (Author)Spanish7
Tell me, O tell me of JesusHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English3
The banquet hall is richly spreadHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English4
The gleaming spires of Beulah landDr. H. L. Gilmour (Author)English4
The joy of God makes glad my heartH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
The Savior died for meHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English3
The sweetest song my heart ever sungH. L. G. (Author)English4
There are complaining [so many] people, Who say we are too boldH. L. Gilmour (Author (Chorus))English1
There's not a bird that wings its flightHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English3
This life is a warfare, the foe every evilHenry L. Gilmour (Author)2
Though the fig tree shall not blossom (Gilmour)Henry L. Gilmour (Author)English2
Thronging about him, the people pressedH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
Victory shall be ours through JesusH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))English3
Walk ye in the old paths, that your fathers trodH. L. G. (Author (Chorus))1
Wanderer, come, O come to JesusDr. H. L. Gilmour (Author)English3
Watchman, blow the gospel trumpetDr. H. L. Gilmour (Author)English13
We all do cast a shadow, be it for good or badHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English2
We would see Jesus, in Bethlehem’s gladeHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English2
When first I heard the Savior's voiceH. L. Gilmour (Author)English2
When lingering on life's sloping vergeDr. H. L. Gilmour (Author)English3
When out in sin and darkness lostHenry L. Gilmour (Author)English36
When the golden sunsetH. L. Gilmour (Author)3
With Jesus in the vessel, we can laugh at stormH. L. G. (Author)English3
Would you be free from the burden of sin?Henry L. Gilmour (Author)English1

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