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William Goode

William Goode
Short Name: William Goode
Full Name: Goode, William, 1762-1816
Birth Year: 1762
Death Year: 1816

Goode, William, M.A., born in Buckingham, April 2, 1762, and received his early education, first in that town, and then under the care of the Rev. T. Bull, a Dissenting minister, at Newport Pagnel. Having a strong inclination for Holy Orders, he left the business in which he was engaged with his father, and, in 1780, entered Magdalen Hall, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1784, and M.A., 1787. On taking Holy Orders in 1786, he became curate of Abbots Langley, Herts; then of St. Ann's, Blackfriars, and subsequently rector of the latter parish, adding thereto one or two lectureships. He died April 15, 1816. Mr. Goode's interest in foreign mission work was very earnest, and took a practical turn in assisting to found the Church Missionary Society. His prose works include Sermons, 1812 ; and Essays on all the Scriptural Names and Titles of Christ, &c, which were reprinted from the Christian Guardian, 1813-1816. His Works, together with a Memoir, were published in 1822 (6 vols.), and edited by his son. His version of the Psalms was published as:—

An Entire New Version of the Book of Psalms in which an attempt is made to accommodate them to the worship of the Christian Church, in a variety of measures now in general use, with original Preface and Notes, critical and explanatory, By the Rev. William Goode, M.A., Rector of St. Andrew, Wardrobe, and St. Ann, Blackfriars; Lecturer of St. John of Wapping; and Lady Camden's Tuesday Evening Lecturer at the Church of St. Lawrance, Jewry. In two volumes. London: Printed for the Author by W. Wilson . . . and sold by Rivingtons, &c, 1811. 2nd ed., 1813; 3rd ed., 1816.

Pratt, in 1829; Bickersteth, in 1833; and Kemble in 1853, made extensive use of this version of the Psalms, the latter including nearly fifty pieces in his Collection. Most of these have fallen out of Use, one only being retained in Kemble's New Church Hymn Book, 1873. In modern hymnals in Great Britain and America about twenty of Goode's versions are still in common use. These include,"Jesus, with Thy salvation blest"; "Lord, I delight to find my place"; "Thou gracious God and kind"; "With songs of grateful praise," &c. The following are still in common use:—
1. Crown His head with endless blessing. Ps. cxviii.
2. Far as the isles extend. Ps. lxxii.
3. How blest are they whose hearts sincere. Ps. cxix.
4. How blest the man with mercy crowned. Ps. xxxii.
5. If the Lord bad not heard, may Israel now say. Ps. cxxiv.
6. Jesus, with Thy salvation blest. Ps. xx.
7. Let Thy grace, Lord, make me [us] lowly. Ps. cxxxi.
8. Lo in Gethsemane's dark shade. Ps. lxxxviii.
9. Lo, the mighty God appearing. Ps. l.
10. Lord, I delight to find my place. Ps. xxvi.
11. Lord of mercy, just and kind. Ps. xiii.
12. Lord, Thy Church hath seen Thee rise. Ps. Ixviii.
13. Now let Our songs arise. Ps. xcvi.
14. 0 my God, by Thee forsaken. Ps. xlii.
15. Prepare a new song Jehovah to praise. Ps. cxlix.
16. Songs anew of honour framing. Ps. xcviii.
17. Thou gracious God and kind. Ps. Ixxix.
18. Though sinners boldly join. Ps. ii.
19. With songs of grateful praise. Ps. cvii.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by William Goode (50)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Aparece en Su gloriaWilliam Goode, 1762-1816 (Author)Spanish2
Come, ye saints, behold and wonderWilliam Goode (Author)2
Crown His head with endless blessingWilliam Goode (Author)English93
Far as the isles extendGoode (Author)3
Great Jehovah, we adore TheeWilliam Goode (Author)English27
Happy is the man, whose mindWilliam Goode (Author)2
Hear me, O God, my voice attendWilliam Goode (Author)2
Hear me, O God! when near Thy throneWilliam Goode (Author (attributed to))English2
Hear my prayer, Jehovah, hearWilliam Goode (Author)5
How blest are they whose hearts are pureWilliam Goode (Author)English5
Jehovah reigns, your tribute bringWilliam Goode (Author)11
Jesus demands the voice of joyWilliam Goode, 1782-1816 (Author)6
Jesus, the Lord, ascends on highWilliam Goode (Author)5
Jesus, with Thy salvation blestWilliam Goode (Author)2
Let Thy grace, Lord, make me lowlyWilliam Goode (Author)English19
Lo! the Lord Jehovah livethWilliam Goode (Author)English17
Lo the lord the mighty SaviorWilliam Goode (Author)1
Lo the mighty God appearingWilliam Goode (Author)English36
Lord, how my numerous foes increaseWilliam Goode, 1762-1816 (Author)English1
Lord, I delight to find my placeWilliam Goode (Author)2
Lord, let our vigorous sons be seenWilliam Goode (Author)6
Lord of mercy, just and kindWilliam Goode (Author)17
Lord, thy church hath seen thee riseWilliam Goode (Author)7
My God! my gracious God! to theeWilliam Goode (Author)English2
My God! thy servant saveWilliam Goode (Author)English2
No offering God requiresWilliam Goode (Author)1
None can preserve his brother's breathWilliam Goode (Author)2
Now let our songs ariseWilliam Goode (Author)English4
O Lord, our Lord, in power divineWilliam Goode (Author)8
O my God, by thee forsakenWilliam Goode (Author)4
Oft have our ears, great God, been taughtWilliam Goode (Author)6
Praise Jehovah's name foreverWilliam Goode (Author)3
Praise ye Jehovah's name; Praise through His courts proclaimWilliam Goode (Author)English61
Prepare a new song Jehovah to praiseWilliam Goode (Author)2
Sing to the Lord our GodWilliam Goode (Author)2
Songs anew of honor framingWilliam Goode (Author)English27
The Lord is judge, before His throneWilliam Goode (Author)English10
The Lord shall hear my humble prayerWilliam Goode (Author)1
Thou gracious God and kindWilliam Goode (Author)11
Thou great instructor, lest I strayWilliam Goode (Author)English23
Thou, the Lord, my Fount of lightWilliam Goode (Author)2
Though sinners boldly joinWilliam Goode (Author)English2
When guilt lies heavy on the landWilliam Goode (Author)5
When my cries ascend to theeWilliam Goode (Author)14
Whene'er the morning rays appearWilliam Goode (Author)2
Who shall our troops to victory leadWilliam Goode (Author)6
Who shall reach the heightsWilliam Goode (Author)2
Why, O sinner, me profaningWilliam Goode (Author)English10
Why should thy face, where mercies dwellWilliam Goode (Author)6
With songs of grateful praiseWilliam Goode (Author)English5

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