Frank Gould

Short Name: Frank Gould
Full Name: Gould, Frank (See also Crosby, Fanny)

Pseudonym. See also Crosby, Fanny, 1829-1915

Texts by Frank Gould (28)sort descendingAsInstances
A trembling soul I come to TheeFrank Gould (Author)5
All the day in sweet communionFrank Gould (Author)4
Blessed Savior, my RedeemerFrank Gould (Author)2
Care for the desolateFrank Gould (Author)2
Hark, I hear the invitationFrank Gould (Author)2
Haste, let us worshipFrank Gould (Author)1
I have the witness, Lord, withinFrank Gould (Author)1
In the Canaan that lies over JordanFrank Gould (Author)1
Jesus, the Savior is passing this wayFrank Gould (Author)7
Joyfully sing, let us joyfully singFrank Gould (Author)3
Justified by faith in TheeFrank Gould (Author)3
My faith is clinging to the cross so dearFrank Gould (Author)1
Not tomorrow, but todayFrank Gould (Author)3
O my heart is full of joy, for my sins are washed awayFrank Gould (Author)4
O sing of the rapture, the holy delightFrank Gould (Author)2
O weary one, thirstyFrank Gould (Author)1
One more day its twilight bringsFrank Gould (Author)8
Passing homeward, O how gladly comes theFrank Gould (Author)2
Passing homeward, O how gladly comesFrank Gould (Author)2
Ring the merry Christmas bells, Far and near, sweet and clearFrank Gould (Author)2
So great our Father's loveFrank Gould (Author)1
Step over the threshold, and wander no moreFrank Gould (Author)4
The Lord in his word has commandedFrank Gould (Author)3
Trust not the path before theeFrank Gould (Author)2
Trusting in Jesus, my Savior divineFrank Gould (Author)6
Wake from thy drowsy sleepFrank Gould (Author)1
We have been toiling, Master, todayFrank Gould (Author)3
We have taken up the cross, we have girded onFrank Gould (Author)3
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