John E. Gould

John E. Gould
Short Name: John E. Gould
Full Name: Gould, J. E. (John Edgar), 1821-1875
Birth Year: 1821
Death Year: 1875

Born: April 9, 1821, Bangor, Maine.
Died: March 4, 1875, Algiers, Africa. Gould became ill and died while traveling.
Buried: November 28, 1875, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gould managed music stores in New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His partner in Philadelphia was composer William Fischer. His works include:

The Modern Harp, 1846
The Wreath of School Songs, 1847
The Tyrolian Lyre, 1847
The Sunday School Lute, 1848
Harmonia Sacra, 1851
Songs of Gladness for the Sabbath School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Garrigues Brothers, 1869)

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