Frank M. Graham

Frank M. Graham
Short Name: Frank M. Graham
Full Name: Graham, Frank M.
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1931

Born: March 1, 1859, Birmingham, Illinois.
Died: August 25, 1931, Greensboro, Georgia.
Buried: Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Greensboro, Georgia.

Graham was an ordained minister in the Wesleyan (Methodist) Church and served as District Superintendent in northern Georgia from around 1895 to about 1915. He was one of the founders of what is now Southern Wesleyan University at Central, South Carolina.

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كم سطرت ديونFrank M. Graham (Author)Arabic1
Accepted I am, and washed in the bloodFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Dear brother, take courage, and keep in the raceFrank M. Graham (Author)6
Hear the sweet message of pardon for allFrank M. Graham (Author)2
How fleeting are the years of timeFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I am looking for that day when the trumpetFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I am often made to wonderFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I am praising God for his redemptive planFrank M. Graham (Author)4
I often think of CalvaryFrank M. Graham (Author)4
I often think of precious soulsFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I read in God's word of a wonderful dayFrank M. Graham (Author)2
If you'll listen to my story I will tell youFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I'm glad I have changed and have started for heavenFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I'm going home where Jesus isFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I'm going to a home, far up above the skyFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I'm longing for home, my mansion aboveFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I'm sactified now and washed in the bloodFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I'm so glad to tell youFrank M. Graham (Author)2
In every town and city, some people can be foundFrank M. Graham (Author)English7
I've been redeemed, all glory to the LambFrank M. Graham (Author)10
I've found a Friend I love so wellFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I've friends up in heavenFrank M. Graham (Author)1
I've heard of a city with streets of pure goldFrank M. Graham (Author)4
I've seen some honest soulsFrank M. Graham (Author)2
I've traveled through life and seenFrank M. Graham (Author)4
Let others go the way they chooseFrank M. Graham (Author)3
Long I wandered on in sinFrank M. Graham (Author)9
My heart that once was stonyFrank M. Graham (Author)2
My Savior has gone to prepare me a placeF. M. G. (Author)English4
My Savior left his home aboveFrank M. Graham (Author)2
O can it be some mother's boyFrank M. Graham (Author)2
O come and go with me, If from sinFrank M. Graham (Author)5
O come, ye weary soulsFrank M. Graham (Author)3
O so many, many sinnersFrank M. Graham (Author)2
O so many, many sinners, without the love of GodFrank M. Graham (Author)2
O soon will our Savior be calling us homewardFrank M. Graham (Author)7
O think of that dayFrank M. Graham (Author)2
O think of the home over there (Hoffman)Frank M. Graham (Author)1
O, turn ye to Jesus, for why will ye perishFrank M. Graham (Author)2
O what would you do if Jesus should now comeFrank M. Graham (Author)2
O where will you stand when the trumpet is callingFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Once a vile sinner, now I'm a pilgrimFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Once I had a precious motherFrank M. Graham (Author)3
Out in the world, living in sinFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Sinners may scornFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Some people say, I've been convertedFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Somebody's mother, praying tonightF. M. G. (Author)10
Sometimes the way is dark and drearyF. M. G. (Author)English2
Sometimes the way may look so drearyFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Songs for Jesus, sweet songs that are trueFrank M. Graham (Author)2
The preacher was preaching how Moses of oldFrank M. Graham (Author)2
There was a time I knowF. M. G. (Author)English110
There were ten waiting virginsFrank M. Graham (Author)2
There's a home far away where no darkness ever comesFrank M. Graham (Author)2
This world is like a man that's drunk on wineFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Though we may sow with tearful eyesFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Three thousand years agoFrank M. Graham (Author)4
Traveler to the judgmentFrank M. Graham (Author)2
We are little songbirdsFrank M. Graham (Author)2
We are traveling to our homeFrank M. Graham (Author)2
We want to work for our dear LordFrank M. Graham (Author)English2
Wenn Sorgen und Stürme verhüllen den WebF. M. G. (Author)German1
We're floating down the stream of timeF. M. G. (Author (V. 4))English3
What a gathering of the saintsFrank M. Graham (Author)2
When first I heard of holinessFrank M. Graham (Author)5
When Jesus comes all shining and brightFrank M. Graham (Author)2
While in a good praise meetingFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Why will you go down to dark despairFrank M. Graham (Author)2
Won't you decide for JesusFrank M. Graham (Author)2

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