Edgerton Grant

Short Name: Edgerton Grant
Full Name: Grant, Edgerton, 1931-
Birth Year: 1931

Grant, Edgerton. (New York City, 1931-- ). Attended an Episcopal preparatory school, Holderness; was graduated from Haverford College and spent a short time at Princeton Seminary.

--The Hymn Society, DNAH Archives

[Grant] looks forward to a career in writing -- including hymn writing. He has had varied denominational associations. He is a member of the Congregational Church; attended an Episcopal preparatory school, Holderness, for which he wrote a school hymn; was graduated from Haverford College, a Quaker institution, and spent a short time at Princeton Seminary (Presbyterian).

--Lord, Help Our Unbelief: Four More New Hymns by Youth for Youth, 1958. Used by permission.

[Grant] is a member of Wilson Memorial Union Church in Wachtung [New Jersey].

--One More New Hymn for Youth by Youth, 1959. Used by permission.

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