L. C. Hall

Short Name: L. C. Hall
Full Name: Hall, L. C.
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Are you glad to hear the tidingsL. C. Hall (Author)2
Beautiful path my feet shall treadL. C. Hall (Author)2
Beautiful rays of holiest lightL. C. Hall (Author)2
But now I say, not as I willL. C. Hall (Author)2
Dwelling in his holy presenceL. C. Hall (Author)2
Have you found the cross, dear travelerL. C. Hall (Author)2
Hear the battle cry that's soundingL. C. Hall (Author)2
Hiding in the Rock, where we are blestL. C. Hall (Author)3
Hope is singing softly, in her sweetest strainL. C. Hall (Author)2
In traveling through this countryL. C. Hall (Author)2
Jesus is dearer than ever to meL. C. Hall (Author)2
Marching on with Jesus to glorious victoryL. C. Hall (Author)2
My bridegroom is comingL. C. Hall (Author)2
O wondrous day that's coming soonL. C. H. (Author)2
Onward we go with our hearts all aflameL. C. Hall (Author)2
The long, long, battle line is flungL. C. Hall (Author)2
There's One I tell my sorrows, my every grief and painL. C. Hall (Author)2
These are not drunk with wine, as ye supposeL. C. Hall (Author)2
Though shed on the cross, so long agoL. C. Hall (Author)2
Trusting not fearing, that is the wayL. C. Hall (Author)2
We are children of the King, As we journey hear us singL. C. H. (Author)2
We travel through the lonely valleyL. C. Hall (Author)2
What did they do at PentecostL. C. Hall (Author)2
When darkness seems to settle downL. C. Hall (Author)2
When our King shall come in gloryL. C. Hall (Author)2
Who took my burdens all awayL. C. Hall (Author)7