Marion Franklin Ham

Marion Franklin Ham
Short Name: Marion Franklin Ham
Full Name: Ham, Marion Franklin, 1867-1956
Birth Year: 1867
Death Year: 1956

Born: February 18, 1867, Harveysburg, Ohio.
Died: July 23, 1956, Arlington, Massachusetts.
Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ham began his career as a journalist and bank clerk in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ordained a Unitarian minister in 1898, he pastored in Chattanooga (1898-1904); at the First Church in Dallas, Texas (1904-09); and in Reading (1909-34), Waverly (1934-42), and Gardner, Massachusetts (1943-45). The Meadville Theological School in Chicago, Illinois, awarded him a Doctor of Divinity degree in 1942, the year he retired. Ham’s works include:

The Golden Shuttle, 1896
The Kinchin Stories, 1914
Songs of the Spirit, 1932
Songs of Faith and Hope, 1940
O Mother-Heart, 1941
Keeper of the Flame, 1945
Freedom, 1950
Songs at Sunset, 1951
Songs of a Lifetime, 1953
In a Rose Garden, 1954

Texts by Marion Franklin Ham (13)sort descendingAsInstances
As tranquil streams that meet and mergeMarion Franklin Ham (Author)3
From Bethany, the Master comes downMarion Franklin Ham (Author)6
Heir of all the waiting agesMarion Franklin Ham (Author)5
I hear thy voice, within the silence speakingMarion Franklin Ham (Author)10
O church of God, dividedMarion Franklin Ham (Author)4
O hear them marching, marchingMarion Franklin Ham (Author)6
O Lord of life, thy kingdom is at handMarion Franklin Ham (Author)22
O thou whose gracious presence shoneMarion Franklin Ham (Author)6
O who shall roll away the stoneMarion Franklin Ham (Author)2
Prophetic Church, the future waitsMarion Franklin Ham, 1867-1956 (Author)2
Ring, O ring, ye Christmas bellsMarion Franklin Ham (Author)3
The builders, toiling through the daysMarion Franklin Ham (Author)2
Touch thou mine eyesMarion Franklin Ham (Author)4
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