Edward Payson Hammond

Edward Payson Hammond
Short Name: Edward Payson Hammond
Full Name: Hammond, Edward Payson, 1831-1910
Birth Year: 1831
Death Year: 1910

Hammond, Edward Payson, was born at Ellington, Connecticut, Sep. 1, 1831. He edited Hymns of Prayer and Praise, and is the author of a few pieces in that and other evangelistic hymnals, including "Christian [Children] go and tell Jesus," and "I feel like singing all the time."

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Born: Sep­tem­ber 1, 1831, El­ling­ton, Con­nec­ti­cut.
Died: Au­gust 14, 1910.

Payson was con­vert­ed when he heard Alas, and Did My Sav­ior Bleed. He was ed­u­cat­ed at var­i­ous Amer­i­can schools, and fin­ished his the­o­lo­gic­al ed­u­ca­tion in Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land. In Scot­land, he started to preach in plac­es with no Chris­tian ac­tiv­i­ty, and he could see fruit of his work. At the end of 1861 he re­turned to Amer­i­ca and preached in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, where he met Dwight Moody. In 1866 he and his wife tra­veled to Egypt, Pal­es­tine and Eur­ope. While in Pal­es­tine, he wrote the hymn Geth­sem­a­ne. He was ve­ry fond of preach­ing to the child­ren, and was called "The Child­ren’s Evan­gel­ist." His works in­clude:
Hymns of Pray­er and Praise (ed­it­or)
Jesus the Child­ren’s Friend, 1864
New Prais­es of Je­sus, 1869
The Ar­mor Bear­er: a Choice Col­lect­ion of New and Pop­u­lar Hymns and Mu­sic, with War­ren Bent­ley (New York: Will­iam A. Pond, cir­ca 1876)


Texts by Edward Payson Hammond (62)sort descendingAsInstances
A little child I prayEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Although a child, I've often soughtEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Blessed Jesus, how I love theeEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Christian, go and tell of [to] Jesus How he died to saveEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Christians, go and tell of JesusEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus just nowEdward Payson Hammond (Author)215
Dear Jesus, I to Thee would comeEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Dear Jesus, now I trust I'm thineEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Dear Jesus, we would look to theeEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Dear Savior, now, to thee I turnEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Dear Savior, open wide the gateEdward Payson Hammond (Author)4
Farewell, faithful friends, we must now bid adieuE. P. H. (Author)2
Give to Jesus, give to JesusEdward Payson Hammond (Author)1
I am coming, I am coming to my Savior, just nowEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
I can sing with all my heartEdward Payson Hammond (Author)4
I feel like singing all the time, My tears are wiped awayE. Payson Hammond (Author)20
I love the Lord my God becauseEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
I love the precious BibleEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
I once was in the miry clayEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
I stand approved before the throneEdward Payson Hammond (Author)4
I'm going straight to Jesus' armsEdward Payson Hammond (Author)4
I'm thinking of my sinsEdward Payson Hammond (Author)5
In Pilate's house beholdEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
In the house of God this hourEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
I've cast my [deadly] doing downEdward Payson Hammond (Author)8
Jesus Christ has bled and diedEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Jesus died on Calvary's mountain, Long time agoEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Jesus from his throne on highEdward Payson Hammond (Author)10
Jesus I am happy nowEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Jesus on the cross I sawEdward Payson Hammond (Author)5
Kom til Jesus, kom til JesusE. P. Hammond (Author)1
Lay ora tao GetsemaneE. P. Hammond (Author)2
Lo the loving Jesus standethEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Look look to JesusRev. E. P. Hammond (Author)4
Look look to Jesus Behold aRev. E. P. Hammond, 1873 (Author)2
Looking only to Jesus the Crucified OneEdward Payson Hammond (Author)6
Lord, grant that we by faith may seeEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Lord, teach a little child to pray, Give me the words I ought to sayRev. E. P. Hammond (Author)2
My Jesus, I would ne'er forgetEdward Payson Hammond (Author)6
My Savior loves me, this I knowEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
My sins appear in dark arrayEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Now the book I love to readEdward Payson Hammond (Author)4
O God, we need thy mighty powerEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
O Lord have mercy on my soulEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
O Lord, how can I come to theeEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
O Lord, we come at thy commandEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Praise the Lord, he's pardoned meEdward Payson Hammond (Author)5
Precious Jesus, he is mineEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in theeEdward Payson Hammond (Author)1
Sinners, will you hear of JesusEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Teach us, O Lord, how weak we areEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
The hour in dark GethsemaneEdward D. Hammond, 1831-1910 (Author)2
The Savior died but still he livesEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
The second time, he shall appearEdward Payson Hammond (Author)3
The Son of God o'er sinners weepsEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Thou hast taught us, dear Jesus, to look for the dayEdward Payson Hammond (Author)4
Thou Spirit of all graceEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Until I heard of Jesus' loveE. P. Hammond (Author)2
When I read of little onesEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Why art thou, my soul, cast downEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Within the Kedron's rocky dellEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
Yes, my child, 'tis thee I loveEdward Payson Hammond (Author)2
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