Phoebe A. Hanaford

Phoebe A. Hanaford
Short Name: Phoebe A. Hanaford
Full Name: Hanaford, Phoebe A., 1829-1921
Birth Year: 1829
Death Year: 1921

Hanaford, Phoebe A., née Coffin, daughter of George F. Coffin, was born at Nantucket Island, May 6, 1829. Mrs. Hanaford is an Universalist, and one of their recognized ministers. Her hymn "Cast thy bread upon the waters" (Work and Wait), is in the Laudes Domini, N.Y., 1884, and other American collections.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Born: May 6, 1829, Nan­tuck­et Is­land, Mass­a­chu­setts.
Died: June 2, 1921, Ro­ches­ter, New York.

Daughter of Quak­er ship own­er George F. Cof­fin, Phoe­be was cou­sin to fem­in­ist Lu­cre­tia Mott. A gift­ed writ­er, she was pub­lished in the lo­cal pa­per by the time she was a teen­ag­er. She stu­died La­tin and math­e­ma­tics and taught school for a few years, then in 1849 mar­ried Dr. Jo­seph H. Han­a­ford. The cou­ple lived in New­ton and Read­ing, Mass­a­chu­setts, and had two child­ren. Phoebe con­tin­ued her lit­er­ary ef­forts, pro­duc­ing po­e­try, child­ren’s sto­ries, es­says, and bi­o­gra­phies (her bi­o­gra­phy of Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln sold 20,000 co­pies). She al­so ed­it­ed a Un­i­ver­sal­ist mag­a­zine, and, urged by Rev. Olym­pia Brown, she event­u­al­ly be­came a Uni­ver­sal­ist min­is­ter (the first wo­man or­dained in New Eng­land). She served church­es in Hing­ham and Walt­ham, Mass­a­chu­setts; New Ha­ven, Con­nec­ti­cut, and Jer­sey Ci­ty, New Jer­sey. Her works in­clude:
Life of George Pea­bo­dy
Women of the Cen­tu­ry (Bos­ton, Mass­a­chu­setts: B. B. Russ­ell, 1877)

Texts by Phoebe A. Hanaford (41)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Amid the hours that rapid flyPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)English13
Blest be the sacred tie that bindsPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)English2
Cast thy bread upon the waters Thinking not 'tis thrown awayMrs. J. H. Hanaford (Author)English81
Cast thy bread upon the waters, Ye who have but scant supplyPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)English6
Come, join our youthful, happy bandPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
Come unto me, earth's weary onesPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
Faith works by love, and purifiesPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
Give me a glass of water coldPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
Glorious God, we come to bless theePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
He's gone to that fair landMrs. P. A. Hanaford (Author)2
In childhood's hour with careless joyPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
In life's fair dawn all bright and gayPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
In that better landMrs. J. H. Hanaford (Author)2
Miriam's song we'll echoPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
No power but thine, O, God could bid The rolling waves be calmPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
Not they are happiest who possessPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
Now the ills of earth surround usPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)English3
O God of glory, God of grace (Hanaford)Phoebe A. Hanaford (Author)English2
O look not on the wine cup, friendPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
O speed thee on, thou temperance shipPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
Our home is beyond the tidePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
Our little band is full of hopePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
Praise, praise to him, O Lord on highPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
Rally O ye friends of temperancePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)English3
Ring the bells, the golden hoursPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)4
Shun, O shun the drunkard's doomPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
Temperate in dress, I will not wear apparel rich and gayPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
The murderous cup no more I'll takePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
The sailor on the boundless seaPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
The strife for freedomMrs. P. A. Hanaford (Author)2
The temperance pledge for life we takePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
This life is all a battle fieldMrs. P. A. Hanaford (Author)2
Thou art, O God, the Giver great, Of allPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
'Tis better to be temperatePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
To the Sabbath school we comePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
To yonder glorious landMrs. P. A. Hanaford (Author)2
Voyager on life's stormy oceanPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
We praise thee, Father, Thou who didst, in thy creativePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
When from the scenes of earth I turnPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)3
When youth and health their roses bringPhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
Young man, afar from home, sweet homePhoebe A. Hanaford (Author)2
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