F. B. Harris

Short Name: F. B. Harris
Full Name: Harris, F. B. (Flora Best)
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1909

Birth: 1850, USA
Death: Sep., 1909

Flora Lydia (Best) Harris was the daughter of Dr. David and Elizabeth (Lockart) Best. She was the 1st wife of Rev. Bishop Merriman Colbert Harris. He was a minister in the Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. She was a writer and wrote on Japanese themes. In 1891 she translated the 10th century classic 'Tosa Niki' ('Diary or Log of a Journey From Tosa to Kyoto').

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Texts by F. B. Harris (45)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A burden was laid on my spiritFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English4
A pallid dawn is stealingFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English1
Above earth's grief and sighingFlora B. Harris (Author)English4
Across the waters faringFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English2
As one who lives amidFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
At the beautiful gate of the temple As beggars and maimed we awaitFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English5
Aus dieser Welt VerderbenF. B. Harris (Author)German3
Glory, glory, praises bringingFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
He comes, the holy Christ childFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
Heralds of Jesus, go in mightFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English3
How sweet 'twill be to find the crossing-placeFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English2
I have read of a land whose inhabitants sayFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English1
I have told the story of JesusFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English2
I will rise, I will rise, I will rise and goFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English4
I've nothing to bring to Thee, JesusFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English4
Loud is the voice of the trumpetFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
Midnight stars are looking downwardFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
My soul is blindFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
Night and tempest are around usFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
Not for my soul's repentingFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English2
O Lord of love, rejected, we hail Thee as our own!Flora L. Best Harris (Author)English2
Of the people none were with HimFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English1
On the cross, rejected MasterFlora B. Harris (Author)English2
Preserve my Jesus, O preserveFlora L. Best Harris (Author)3
Ring, ring the bells over ocean and shoreFlora L. Best (Author)English5
See, the purple wine is flowingFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
Strike your harps to richer musicFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
Swift as storm wind from the skiesFlora L. Best Harris (Author)English2
The flush of morn is on the mountainsFlora Best Harris (Author)English6
The golden sun is shiningFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
There are songs of joy that I loved to singF. B. Harris (Author)English46
There dawns a golden visionFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
There is beauty at dawn where the darkness hath fledFlora B. Harris (Author)English2
Though clouds may rise in the distant skiesFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
Though the clouds may riseFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
To Thy cross, dear Christ, I'm clingingFlora L. Best (Author)English23
Wake, O Zion, wake to gladnessFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
Wanderer from thy Father's mansionFlora B. Harris (Author)English4
Was zittert dein Herz nun im LeideFlora L. Best Harris (Author)German1
We are sitting by the waysideFlora B. Harris (Author)English2
We waited by the waysideFlora B. Harris (Author)English2
We weary on our journeyFlora L. Best Harris (Author)3
What shall separate us from the love that bought us?Flora B. Harris (Author)English5
When the rosy lights of morningFlora L. Best Harris (Author)3
Yonder rise the hillsFlora L. Best Harris (Author)2
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