Hester P. Hawkins

Short Name: Hester P. Hawkins
Full Name: Hawkins, Hester Periam Lewis, 1846-1928
Birth Year: 1846
Death Year: 1928

Hawkins, Hester P., née Lewis, wife of Joshua Hawkins, of Bedford. In 1885, Mrs. Hawkins published The Home Hymn Book, A Manual of Sacred Song for the Family Circle, London, Novello & Co. To this collection she contributed 7 hymns under the signature of "H. P. H." For home use we know of no book of equal comprehensiveness and merit. The music also is well adapted to the family circle.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Hawkins, Hester Periam, p. 1570, i. Her hymns, in the Home Hymn Book, 1885, have almost all passed into other collections. The seven given with her initials "H. P. H." in the Home H. Book are:—
1. Father of all, again we meet. p. 1563,
2. Heavenly Father, Thou hast brought us. Golden Wedding.
3. Kind Shepherd, see Thy little lamb. Evening.
4. O Thou the great Unknown, Unseen. The Thought of God.
5. The twilight softly falling. Sunday Evening.
6. Thy little one, O Saviour dear. Morning.
7. To Thee, the Giver of all good. For Mothers.
Mrs. Hawkins informs me that the following in the Home H. Book, 1885, are also by her:—
8. I come to Thee, my Father. Birthdays.
9. In the Name of God our Father. Beginning of Term.
10. Jesu, loving Saviour. The Love of Jesus.
11. Now the days are dark and dreary. Winter.
12. Sweetly o'er the meadows fair. Sunday Evening.
13. The happy days have come again. End of Term.
There is a bright and happy home. Heaven.
[Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by Hester P. Hawkins (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Almighty Father, God of love, Hear from Thy throne of light aboveHester P. Hawkins (Author)English11
Heavenly Father thou hast brought usHester Periam Hawkins, 1848-1928 (Author)English9
Kind Shepherd, see thy little lambMrs. H. P. Hawkins (Author)English5
Now the days are dark and drearyHester P. Hawkins (Author)English5
O thou, to outward eye unseenHester P. Hawkins (Author)2
There is a bright and happy homeHester P. Hawkins (Author)English3
Thy little one, O Savior dearHester P. Hawkins (Author)English4
To Thee, the Giver of all goodH. P. Hawkins (Author)English2

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